Managing Director of the Year Awards 2023

40 | Managing Director of the Year 2023 Mar23280 Best Telecommunications Engineering MD 2023: Noel Gaze In an era of rapid technological advancements and evolving connectivity needs, HG Comms has emerged as a leading force in the telecoms and system integration infrastructure design and build sector. Under the astute leadership of Managing Director Noel Gaze, HGC has become synonymous with integrity, quality, and client satisfaction. In a recent interview, Noel shared valuable insights into his business philosophy, the challenges faced by the industry, and the unique aspects that set HGC apart from its competitors. HGC serves a diverse clientele, encompassing both businesses and residential customers, ensuring they receive top-tier connectivity solutions and unparalleled service. Since its inception, HGC has been built on the pillars of integrity and quality, consistently delivering on client promises. Noel’s unwavering commitment to these values has been instrumental in the company’s success. When asked about his favourite aspects of the business, Noel mentioned the visionary clients who share the company’s vision, but also the exceptional individuals who form the HGC team, with their camaraderie and strong culture of inclusiveness. His staff have an unwavering honesty, too, which sometimes even means declining work if it cannot be executed to their high standards. While acknowledging the presence of competitors in the market, Noel emphasised that HGC’s relentless focus on quality has set them apart from the rest. Recognising that compromising quality could tarnish the company’s reputation and undermine team morale, HGC remains resolute in delivering services of the highest standards. Moreover, by prioritising quality over shortcuts, HGC cultivates a deep sense of pride and accomplishment within its team. Noel’s illustrious career in the telecommunications industry spans over 26 years, during which he held various roles at prominent organisations including BT, Siemens and Optilan. Noel’s extensive experience in engineering and project management has shaped his leadership style and how he leads HGC. His relentless pursuit of opportunities, high personal expectations, and embracing failure as a stepping stone to success fuel his drive for constant improvement. His invaluable skills as a Managing Director include fostering integrity, building strong relationships with employees through open and honest communication, empowering team members, and promoting a democratic work environment where everyone’s voice is heard. Integrity lies at the heart of Noel’s leadership style, too, personally and professionally. This core value forms the foundation of HGC’s business ethos and is reflected in the company’s offering. Noel’s commitment to openness, honesty, and maintaining personal connections with his team has made him approachable and highly connected. By empowering his team and instilling a sense of ownership, Noel fosters an environment where individuals can thrive, contribute their unique talents, and collectively find innovative solutions. As an industry, telecommunications has experienced significant transformations over the past decade, driven by technological advancements and growing demands. Noel highlights the shift from traditional copper networks to the widespread adoption of fibre optics as a significant industrial revolution. However, with this rapid growth come challenges such as resource allocation, equipment limitations, and financial constraints. In addition, Noel acknowledges the negative impact of companies lacking industry knowledge, which resulted in unsustainable practices and inflated salaries. In contrast, HGC has consistently maintained a steady approach to projects and salaries while striving to educate newcomers to the industry about the importance of sustainability. HGC enjoys a strategic location in the heart of England, affording excellent links across the country. This advantage allows the team to respond swiftly to client needs, setting HGC apart from competitors and enhancing its competitiveness. Internally, HGC has fostered a culture of support, ensuring that every team member feels valued. By prioritising its employees’ wellbeing and professional growth, HGC cultivates a motivated and cohesive workforce driven by a shared vision of success. When asked about advice for individuals aspiring to succeed in the telecommunications industry, Noel imparted his vast expertise, emphasising the importance of integrity and sustainable practices. Noel encourages professionals to prioritise integrity over short-term gains, fostering a culture of transparency and always striving for long-term success. Under the exceptional leadership of Managing Director, Noel Gaze has carved a unique niche in the telecommunications industry. With a steadfast commitment to integrity, quality, and client satisfaction, HG Comms stands as a beacon of excellence. By placing people and clients at the forefront, fostering a culture of inclusiveness, and consistently delivering on promises, HGC has solidified its position as a trusted partner in the ever-evolving world of telecommunications. Company: HG comms Ltd Name: Noel Gaze Email: Web Address: HG Comms (HGC) is an expert team of network surveyors, planners, engineers, and project managers, passionate about creating and delivering the networks of the future. Below, we take a look at the success of the company, as well as the Best Telecommunications Engineering MD 2023, Noel Gaze.