Managing Director of the Year Awards 2023

41 | Managing Director of the Year 2023 Mar23247 International Health & Safety Consulting MD of the Year 2023: Steve Allcoat Callidus has established itself as a frontrunner in the industry as a leading consultancy firm specialising in health and safety, project management, asset management, environmental services, and health and safety training. We profile our International Health & Safety Consulting MD of the Year 2023, Steve Allcoat, to learn more about the success of the company. Callidus, a leading consultancy firm specialising in health and safety, project management, asset management, environmental services, and health and safety training, has emerged as a frontrunner in its industry. Under the visionary leadership of Managing Director, Steve Allcoat, Callidus has achieved remarkable success by consistently delivering dynamic, sustainable solutions and exceptional customer service. Steve shares with us his insights into the company’s journey, his leadership approach, and the prospects for Callidus. Summarising Callidus’ comprehensive range of services, Steve emphasises the company’s ability to offer a global consultancy service, setting itself apart as an exceptional SME in the field. With a commitment to providing “excellence beyond expectation”, Callidus aspires to deliver tailored solutions to companies worldwide, fostering collaboration and maintaining integrity throughout the process. The company’s services offer a holistic approach to meet clients’ diverse needs. For Callidus, success is measured by aligning the business strategy, vision, and values with the expectations of its team, clients, and stakeholders. The company strives to exceed client expectations by employing a bespoke approach, leveraging a deep understanding of clients’ requirements to provide agile and value-driven solutions. Callidus fosters a strong company culture which is constantly challenging its team to improve professionally and personally, as well as to improve the workplace. The company focuses on engagement and the colleague journey has yielded a 30% increase in colleague engagement since December 2019, a testament to its commitment to creating an empowering work environment. In a competitive industry, Callidus differentiates itself through its multi-disciplinary consultancy offering, catering to clients’ various needs and adapting swiftly to market changes. The company’s collaborative approach and dedicated account management enable them to become an extension of the client’s teams, building trust and fostering long-term partnerships. Callidus prides itself on the expertise of its team, often regarded as trusted voices in the industry, and the staffs’ ability to provide innovative solutions using advanced technology. Steve’s journey to becoming Managing Director reflects his relentless pursuit of growth and development. With a background in construction management and extensive experience in aviation, both in consultancies and client-side roles, Steve brings a wealth of knowledge to his position. He draws upon his technical expertise and past experiences to lead Callidus effectively. As a Managing Director, he considers leadership, strategic thinking, management skills, and effective communication invaluable. Steve’s transformational leadership style promotes equal opportunities and fosters a learning culture within the company. Communication is a cornerstone of Callidus’ success, with an open communication culture permeating the organisation. Steve maintains regular catch-ups with the team, visits sites, and encourages honest feedback and innovative ideas. The company has a structured communications plan in place, ensuring the alignment of the team with its vision and strategy. In addition, a quarterly face-to-face strategy briefing further reinforces its values and performance. Regarding industry insights, Callidus remains at the forefront of developments and challenges. It contributes to industry changes by imparting knowledge, sharing experiences, and inspiring young professionals to join the field. The team actively address the skills gap through initiatives integrating with their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. Callidus constantly adapts its communication tools and engagement techniques to accommodate remote working, a vital aspect of its consultancy operations. Although Callidus operates worldwide, it primarily remains UK-based, serving clients and employing consultants from various regions. The company’s commitment to growth is evident, with forecasted opportunities in new and existing markets. Moreover, Callidus is developing innovative technology to enhance the services on offer further, demonstrating its dedication to staying ahead of the curve. When asked to share wisdom for aspiring professionals in the industry, Steve emphasises the importance of perseverance and resilience. The ever-changing nature of the sector demands adaptability and the ability to thrive in the face of challenges. Looking toward the future, Steve hints at exciting prospects for Callidus, including new growth opportunities and the introduction of innovative technologies. With Steve’s leadership and commitment to excellence, Callidus is poised to continue setting the standard for health and safety consulting, delivering exceptional services and solutions that surpass expectations in a rapidly evolving industry. Company: Callidus Name: Steve Allcoat Email: Web Address: