Managing Director of the Year Awards 2023

Mar23242 Air Traffic Control Training MD of the Year 2023 (England): Greg Pile Micro Nav leads the way in providing comprehensive simulator solutions for the Air Traffic Control industry, addressing all critical aspects of air traffic operations. We profile the company and its awardwinning Managing Director, Greg Pile. Micro Nav, a leading Air Traffic Control simulator company, has revolutionised the industry for over 35 years. With a strong focus on innovation and commitment to excellence, Micro Nav has established itself as a trusted provider of simulator solutions for Air Traffic Control operations. In this article, we will delve into the remarkable success of the business and highlight the achievements of its Managing Director, Greg Pile, who has been awarded Air Traffic Control Training MD of the Year 2023 in England. Micro Nav offers a comprehensive range of simulator solutions for the Air Traffic Control domain, covering various aspects of air traffic operations. Its expertise spans from Tower and Radar control to specialised military functionality. Micro Nav has built a solid and diverse client base with around 50 customers worldwide, including Air Traffic Control units, major hub airports, aviation colleges and military organisations. Greg strives for excellence and being the best in the industry. This drive for constant learning and improvement fuels its innovative approach. Greg understands the importance of creativity in staying ahead of competitors and delivering exceptional solutions to customers. Micro Nav’s success is rooted in the passion and dedication of its team, who share a common goal of positively impacting the aviation ecosystem. The company’s commitment to being the best drives its unwavering pursuit of knowledge and improvement. The dedicated individuals at Micro Nav are passionate about their work, creating a positive and productive environment. It also takes pride in allowing young people to enter the aviation technology sector and contribute to its growth. Delivering simulators that have a tangible impact on operational efficiency is a source of pride for the business and its team members. Greg cherishes the opportunity to engage with customers and industry partners worldwide, allowing him to experience different cultures and perspectives. Despite intense competition, Micro Nav distinguishes itself through unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, continuous innovation, and an ability to deliver bespoke solutions that meet the specific needs of its clients. Greg’s previous roles in safety-critical and simulation systems at air navigation service providers in Europe and the Middle East has equipped him with invaluable experience. Having built and developed large teams of specialist engineers and Air Traffic Controllers, Greg understands the complexities and pressures faced by Micro Nav’s customers. His empathetic and technically competent leadership style allows him to guide the organisation effectively while empowering his team to excel. Greg adopts a collegiate management style, valuing the opinions of every team member and fostering an environment where they feel heard and valued. Greg ensures everyone is aligned toward their collective success by providing a clear vision and open dialogue. Regular meetings and available communication channels help establish a culture of accountability and transparency. The Air Traffic Control simulation market constantly evolves due to technological advancements and the demand for more efficient solutions. Micro Nav contributes to these changes by driving standardisation across simulation and training. In addition, its involvement in international aviation organisations and working groups allows it to share its expertise and shape the industry’s future. Maintaining a just culture with high standards, the team works collaboratively, ensuring the delivery of their promises with excellence and punctuality. This internal culture of trust and professionalism extends to their customer community, fostering strong and enduring relationships. Greg’s wisdom for aspiring individuals in the Air Traffic Control industry is to actively listen to customers, understand their challenges, and propose tailored solutions. Building trust with customers by being transparent about technological limitations and proposed solutions is crucial for long-term success. Now, he has decided to venture into big data as an adjacent product and service. This step will enable its customers to maximise the value of their simulation investment and continue to evolve in a rapidly changing industry. The future looks bright for Micro Nav and Greg as they embrace innovation and remain at the forefront of Air Traffic Control simulation technology. With its pioneering spirit and commitment to excellence, it has become prominent in the forefront of the Air Traffic Control simulator space. In addition, Greg’s remarkable leadership as the Managing Director has contributed significantly to the success and growth of the company. With a passionate team, a focus on continuous improvement, and a dedication to meeting customer needs, Micro Nav is well-positioned to shape the future of Air Traffic Control training and simulation. Company: Micro Nav Limited Name: Greg Pile Email: Web Address: