Managing Director of the Year Awards 2023

43 | Managing Director of the Year 2023 Mar23189 Best Residential Building Surveying MD 2023 (North East): Neil Trewick When disaster struck, one man made it his mission to not only carve out a new business and job role for himself, but also to help those who had been let down by his former employer. Neil Trewick of Trew Surveying Ltd tells us about his whirlwind journey to success as he is named in the Managing Director of the Year Awards 2023. Trew Surveying Ltd (Trew Surveying) is a fully licensed RICS regulated surveying firm based in Teesside which covers all areas in the North East and further afield within Teesside and County Durham. Looking from the outside in at the incredibly successful firm, which brought in £200,000 last year alone, it is hard to believe that it is only just over 12 months old! Having suddenly been made redundant, Building Surveyor and the firm’s Founder, Neil Trewick , was faced with the difficult decision of finding a new job, or going it alone! He chose the latter, and tells us, “I’d finished my Monday jobs for the firm I worked for and in the afternoon, we all learned via a Zoom call that the company had gone into liquidation, and we didn’t have jobs anymore,” he recalls. “At the time, I had 11 clients who had all paid for their surveys to the tune of £5,000. Their money had been taken but their surveys weren’t going to get done. This didn’t sit well with me, so I thought if I could get a shell of a company up, I could at least carry out their surveys for them, free of charge.” And that is exactly what he did! Neil spent the first few weeks as Trew Surveying attempted to fulfil his existing clients’ requirements out of his own pocket. Whilst demanding, and obviously expensive for Neil, the gamble paid off more than he could have ever hoped. “I started receiving glowing reviews on my website and referrals to friends so it all started snowballing from there.” Neil, who had no less than four degrees under his belt and had previously worked as a Maths teacher, was already in a relatively stressful situation when his unexpected redundancy was announced – he was due to get married to his partner Lucy in just a month’s time! Whereas this may not seem like the best time to be starting a business, Neil was determined to make a go of it. “Not even the craziest person would set up his own business a month before his wedding – but it was what I needed to do,” he smiles. “Due to the leads I was generating, I was quietly confident I could at least make a living. As it happens, it’s completely taken off – and I’m not complaining!” Now, a little more than a year later and business is still booming, and this is very much down to Neil’s compassionate and understanding approach, which means that knowledge and qualified surveyors are always on hand to provide expert advice on his client’s intended properties, and to provide complete peace of mind for what is ultimately one of the largest financial outlays most people will experience. “People pay a lot of money for surveys so that’s the least they deserve,” he enthuses. “I explain the process and keep communicating, building a relationship. It’s about giving people understandable advice on their future house purchase, which, for most of us, is the biggest of our lives.” With constant communication prior to and following the survey it is Neil’s and Trew Surveying’s aim to provide sound, understandable advice that will help clients to make informed decisions about the property they are buying – and no technical jargon that is hard to understand. Today, life is good. Neil is happily living in Teesside with Lucy and their pet dog Olive, and his business has become so renowned within the industry that the brand is now sponsoring local football clubs and sporting ventures – lifelong dreams of Neil’s. In fact, due to his diligence and dedication, Neil was recently recognised in the Managing Director of the Year Awards and named Best Residential Building Surveying MD 2023 (North East). But does the future looks as rosy? Indeed it does and Neil is already looking to expand by taking on more surveyors and some admin staff too. What a great story of success from a determined individual! Contact: Neil Trewick Company: Trew Surveying Ltd Web Address: