Managing Director of the Year Awards 2023

Mar23251 Truck & Van Dealership MD of the Year 2023 (England): Keith Sims Northside Truck & Van Ltd is one of the UK’s leading Mercedes-Benz Van, Daimler Truck, Fuso Truck and Maxus dealer groups. It has accomplished this title under the leadership of its Managing Director, Keith Sims, and his team he is keen to stress who has poured an abundance of expertise, care, and passion into the development of the business. Across ten locations in the UK, Northside Truck & Van Ltd supply a plethora of services that contribute to the sale, service, and repair of the full Mercedes-Benz and Maxus commercial vehicle range. Indeed, its sales and services are tailored to cover every customer’s requirements, henceforth, the company is continually developing with MaxAssist a fleet management division of Northside that has 205 service partners and 155 level 3 trained EV Technicians to facilitate the growing EV change in the UK. Northside Truck & Van Ltd prides itself on its devotion to client-centricity – it is a trustworthy and transparent service that aims to serve you. Consequently, the company has sold vehicles and its services to thousands of companies, from brands recognised worldwide to oneperson start-ups, as regardless of size it endeavours to treat all its customers equally. Much of this stems from the company’s devotion to its core values, namely providing an unmatched service that circles around maintaining the best products and services possible. Further, Northside Truck & Van Ltd aims to keep its customers businesses running with minimal downtime. Such values have not changed since the company’s inception – instead, they have only strengthened. Keith Sims, the company’s Managing Director, began his journey with Northside Truck & Van Ltd in July 2019. Initially, Sims took on the role of Truck Sales Director, in which he was then tasked with looking after the business as a whole. Northside Truck & Van Ltd was, at this time, in need of re-structuring. Recognising that the business was not best placed for the dynamics required for the future. Sims set to work, implementing a range of measures to rectify the issue. His main course of action came in the form of boosting the morale of the business. Once this took place, Northside Truck & Van Ltd saw an increase in all areas, achieving its target within the first year. However, Sims’ work was not complete. After a successful year as Truck Director, Sims was promoted to the role of Managing Director. This took place during a particularly turbulent period – the height of the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. Yet Sims saw this time as beneficial, in hindsight calling it, ‘the medicine Northside needed.’ In addition, this time was utilised by Sims in order to forge a greater relationship with the newly formed team of directors, ensuring all staff understood his vision and passion for the group going forwards.In turn, the company further developed the business with an expansion and the acquisition of a building on the Sandtoft Industrial Estate, which would become the company’s used vehicle preparation and PDI centre. In January 2021, the site would also become home to Northside Truck & Van Ltd’s Maxus franchise. This new area of Northside Truck & Van Ltd grew exponentially in 21, 22, becoming the fastest growing and largest Maxus franchise in the UK. Northside Truck Van in November 22 was crowned Franchised dealer of the year in what is now seen as the Oscars of the industry Commercial Motor Awards. To add icing to the cake in February 2023 Northside Truck Van Ltd received the accolade of Sales Dealer of the Year from Mercedes Benz Van at Edinburgh Castle. Of course, such success would have been impossible without Sims’ approach to business. He states, ‘One very important feature of my role and the business is you have to enjoy it and still get the buzz of coming to work, the moment that stops you fail.’ It is with this firmly in mind that Sims has designed the internal structure of Northside Truck & Van Ltd to thrive upon diversity, community, and trust. As Sims comments, ‘we have a good sense of community which involves winning together when times are good & sticking together when times are tough.’ 2023 is set to be a busy year for the company. Northside Truck & Van Ltd hopes to continue to strengthen its current products and services as well as involve itself with any further business opportunities that it comes across. For example, the company has recently purchased a new site to develop sector two and three business. Additionally, the company wants to further its alternative powered ambitions and the supplying of electric charging equipment. Contact: Keith Sims Company: Northside Truck & Van Ltd Web Address: