Managing Director of the Year Awards 2023

50 | Managing Director of the Year 2023 Mar23290 Best Exhibition Stand Providers MD 2023: Emile Sade When growing a business, utilising the nature of exhibitions can prove to be one of the most effective ways of doing so. If you have a unique and enticing stand, equipped with all of the necessities needed to promote your brand, it’ll serve as a testament to the quality and passion of your work. As an exhibition stand provider, eventFULL has every means to provide clients with a results-focused stand that’ll adhere to the uniqueness of their brands, and none of it would be possible without the help of its incredible Managing Director, Emile Sade. After delivering 1000s of events stands, with 100s of satisfied customers to attest to its quality, eventFULL has quickly become the go-to experts for providing clients from all walks of life with turnkey event business stands. Regardless of whether a customer is based within the UK, or situated elsewhere in Europe, eventFULL has every tool at its disposal to offer all-inclusive stands that are solely geared towards brand success. Each stand is tailored to the client, with a wide variety of components available to choose from. From small, singular event stands to large scale, multi-faceted events, eventFULL offers services, products, and solutions to express a client’s vision, regardless of budget. It’ll guarantee access to all of the material requirements needed to drive the success of a client’s brand growth, all whilst adhering to an admirable promise – to mean what it says, deliver it, and provide services that other competitors can’t match. All of this is made possible through Emile’s brilliant prowess in his field, and his resolute understanding of how to manage his team to achieve optimal results. To Emile, the success of a business isn’t tied to a single individual, but to the team’s overall effort and contribution towards its work. As a result, the individuals that act as the foundation of eventFULL are able to deliver on any client needs which, in turn, ensures harmony throughout the sector. This has led to Emile being able to communicate consistently, clearly, and frequently with both his workforce and his clients, which has assisted in eventFULL’s impressive growth. However, what truly sets eventFULL apart from other exhibit stand providers within the industry is its dedication towards sustainability. It’s incredibly serious about reducing the amount of waste that it contributes towards the industry, and therefore deploys modular solutions that inherently lower environmental impact due to their reusability and longevity. It doesn’t just look at the carbon impact of its business, but how to reduce it as much as possible. Emile deems this as a major contributor towards eventFULL’s responsibility as leaders within the events industry, and it’s this admirable quality that makes eventFULL’s evxhibition stand work special. Emile believes that, within the industry, you need to be someone that can be trusted, relied upon, and empathetic. Only once you uphold these qualities can you be worthy of leading a team, and Emile therefore adopts this approach in order to drive eventFULL to its overwhelming success. He holds himself with the utmost integrity when communicating with anyone he has business with, which results in a mutual respect that allows for a complete understanding of a client’s requirements. eventFULL is the leading exhibition stand provider throughout the UK and Europe, and it’s all thanks to the combined talent of Emile and his team. He’s established an internal culture that fosters brilliance and understanding, and this has led to eventFULL being able to hold itself to a standard that’s unmatched within the events sphere. His prior experience has guaranteed eventFULL’s continued success, and it looks as though it’ll remain the leading exhibition stand provider for the foreseeable future. Contact Details Contact: Emile Sade Company: eventFULL Web Address: