Managing Director of the Year Awards 2023

51 | Managing Director of the Year 2023 Mar23240 Staffline Recruitment Ltd is one of the largest recruitment companies in the UK. It provides flexible, temporary, and permanent workforce solutions to core sectors. These include, automotive and aviation, driving, logistics, manufacturing, grocery, food, and retail. We take a closer look the company as its MD, Frank Atkinson, wins a title in this year’s Managing Director of the Year Awards. Staffline Recruitment is best known for providing temporary staff to big brands such as BMW, M&S, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Argos, GXO, and more. It supplies an average of over 30,000 staff every day. What’s more, through its portfolio of brands – Brightwork (in Scotland), Omega, Techsearch, and Datum RPO, it also offers general recruitment. Covering areas such as specialist engineering, technical permanent and contract recruitment, including a managed service offer. Staffline’s Managing Director, Frank Atkinson, does all he can to make a difference to the realm of recruitment. He believes in the power of kindness, diversity, and inclusion, working hard to encourage everyone to be themselves even in the world of work. This is especially helpful since we spend so much time under employment. Frank knows that doing the same thing over and over again doesn’t produce different results, which is exactly why he is so proactive in the world of staffing. He knows it is important for teams to know each other, care for each other, and engage with one another so that they may work even better together. Frank says, “Remember your team’s birthdays; and take them to dinner after a full-day session. A social setting helps people to understand each other and builds teamship. And who doesn’t like nice food right?” By providing England, Scotland, and Wales with staffing solutions, Frank and Staffline have placed an average of 30,000 people into work every day! But simply filling positions is not enough for Frank. He adds, “I want to ensure that when we place people into roles it’s into ‘Good Work’: roles (temporary or permanent), that are paid fairly; where their wages are their own; with good working conditions; where we make communicating with us easy; and, where there is respect for the individual.” Although times have been tough for us all, Frank and Staffline have kept their sights firmly set on the end goal – to offer workforce solutions that are unrivalled, unparalleled, and irreplaceable. Frank shares, “We ended 2022 with a gross profit to operating profit ratio of 16% (up from 14% a year earlier), which is double that of 2019 and since I joined, we have delivered 3 consecutive years of operating profit growth. These results are set against the backdrop of some of the most unprecedented and challenging of times (Covid pandemic and then the outbreak of war in Ukraine and the knockon to the cost-of-living crisis).” Frank’s dedication to the firm has pushed it to new heights, and a very bright future beckons. “For the business I see a bright future. I feel that we’re a vital cog in the wheels that help keep the country moving,” Frank admits. The team revolves around working together, and collaboration has been key for success. He says, “I think it’s important to remember that the UK functions on the backs of the efforts of many hard-working human beings. This was something highlighted during the pandemic, when many of our workers were called out as, “key workers”. We now have a fantastic opportunity to ensure that these people continue to have the respect they deserve.” The whole of Staffline is due to flourish even further with Frank at the helm. Recruitment is made effortless, and the whole country reaps the benefits. Contact: Frank Atkinson Company: Staffline Recruitment Limited Web Address: Most Instrumental Recruitment MD 2023: Frank Atkinson “ By being a shinning beacon of a business, a business that offers good work and treats its customers, workers, and partners in the best way, we can become ‘the’ destination for people who want to find ‘good work’ and for their employers too. ”