Midlands Enterprise Awards 2018

8 SME NEWS / Midlands Enterprise Awards 2018 , Inkjet Monkey Ltd provides professional sales and servicing to the UV large format and superwide printing industry. An award-winner in our prestigiousMidlands Enterprise Awards for 2018, we provide an overviewof this innovative firmand the range of services and solutions it has to offer. Best Print Industry Sales & Services Company 2018 Since its inception in 2012, Inkjet Monkey has achieved incredible success thanks to its vast offering and dedicated team, who are committed to providing clients with a first-class solution that cannot be found elsewhere. Inkjet Monkey still has printer engineering at its heart, however the company has expanded in recent years and also offers clients large and small, an all encompassing service for their large format printer(s). They specialise in used printer sales, the sale of relevant consumables, large format ink solutions, servicing, telephone support, machine transportation, decommissions/installations, maintenance, advice, troubleshooting and more! There are competitive rates for printer maintenance packages, or the team will attend on an ad-hoc basis when clients require their on-site or emergency support. Inkjet Monkey’s servicing team have over 15 years experience in the printing industry as well as proven fault finding knowledge and factory training, so they are well placed to provide all servicing advice and maintenance for a large array of printers. They also offer full operator training on machines which is useful to maximize an operators efficiency in maintenance and production. This is recommended to allow anyone in a clients business to understand in depth how their printer works and how to maintain and operate one successfully to avoid cumbersome issues or costly errors. Current customers are supported throughout the UK and Europe mainly, but Inkjet Monkey also have an international portfolio and boast many loyal and happy customers. In the Midlands particularly there are a number of satisfied clients of Inkjet Monkey, including in Warwick, Wolverhampton, Walsall and Birmingham amongst others. Part of the appeal for many clients is that Inkjet Monkey is a family run business with an internal structure that allows it to focus on supporting customers remotely, but also that visits and call-outs to help improve business and production can be made quickly and easily with a simple call or email direct to the team. Clients appreciate that they receive a responsive and professional approach to all their queries and requirements, and they feel supported enough to continue to focus on their growing business needs with the honest and trustworthy advice that they receive. Throughout the time that Inkjet Monkey has been in business they have grown year on year in terms of innovation, offering and turnover. Carl Davies, Director believes that this is down to a noticeable trend whereby some customers are moving away from larger print manufacturers and providers and instead looking at MID18010 Inkjet Monkey Ltd alternatives to save themselves money and time. He says that ‘many smaller clients, either starting up in print or looking to grow, are seeking to capitalise on buying more used, high quality printing machines instead of brand new expensive printers that will swallow the whole of the budget. With Inkjet Monkey’s support in this trend, many printers can realise their potential quite quickly’. Jennifer Davies, Director at Inkjet Monkey also suggests that the print industry is seeing ‘more interest and growth in Jen - InkJet Monkey