Midlands Enterprise Awards 2019

14 | SME NEWS - Midlands Enterprise Awards 2019 In the heart of Nottinghamshire is B & J Parr Haulage & Packaging, a recycling firm that specialises in the processing of waste plastic materials into pellets, flakes, powder and polythene bags. As this small, family-run business continues to grow from strength to strength, we examine what makes them worthy winners of a Midlands Enterprise Award for 2019. The business mission at B & J Parr is very similar to what it has always been, supporting clients by taking waste and unviable products, packaging and materials and reprocessing them back into plastic pellets to enable further reuse. With this goal in mind, the firm continues to research the industry, maintaining strong relationships with clients and the wider industry. Founded in 1974 by Brian and Janet Parr, the business has remained family-owned and run for forty-five years, now being owned and run by their daughter Beverley Parr. This means the founding principles of integrity, loyalty and honesty have remained at the core of B & J Parr’s business. Maintaining their focus on the plastics sector, the staff take those principles and put them into every client interaction to deliver the highest levels of service through manageable growth opportunities. Sustainability and being environmentally-aware are now mainstream ideologies for companies to adhere to. Manifesting in a demand for energy efficiency from renewable sources, companies are turning to firms like B & J Parr to help with the shifting public perception of single-use plastics and micro-plastics. B & J Parr Haulage & Packaging Plastic Recycling Experts of the Year 2019 - East Midlands Carefully watching the changing attitudes towards single-use plastics, B & J Parr are ahead of the game in predicting a potential growing demand for fully recyclable and reusable plastics. Technological development in food packaging in particular will likely move away from packaging mixed with plastics, instead opting for a more sustainable or compostable material. As a result, the expected demand for B & J Parr’s 100% recycled product will increase, as clients and end users seek greater green credentials. The company itself is signed up to Operation Clean Sweep and are committed to ensuring that they maintain their already-high commitment to minimising the amount of microplastics entering the UK’s ecosystems. Investing in the best technology where practicable helps to keep the firm ahead in the industry of recyclables and reusable materials. B & J Parr’s factory houses state-of-the-art plastic processing and conversion machinery, offering up to 3 tonnes per hour production capacity for all manner of materials. The site layout allows for goods- carrying vehicles ranging from 7.5 tonne pick-up trailers, right the way up to full-length 45 tonners. The continued success of B & J Parr can be chalked up to their uncompromising incorporation of integrity and loyalty throughout their practice. With third generation members of the Parr family now integrated in the business, the future is as assured as clients who deal with this friendly and professional company. Company: B & J Parr Haulage & Packaging Contact: Beverley Parr & Bethany Parr Website: https://bjparr.co.uk/

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