Midlands Enterprise Awards 2019

17 | SME NEWS - Midlands Enterprise Awards 2019 Thanks to its cutting-edge technology and extensive industry expertise, db automation is able to design and build fully automated, bespoke automation, feeding systems and injection moulding take-out robotics. We profile the firm as part of our showcase of a selection of our deserving 2019 Midlands Enterprise Awards winners. Originally founded in 2009 db automation has flourished over the years thanks to its exceptional knowledge of the automation sector, within a diverse range of markets. In September of 2018, PCE AUTOMATION Ltd acquired db automation, alongside Premier Bowl Feeders, these firms now form the PCE GROUP of Companies. The companies each have a long history of excellence in their respective fields, and as such they are able to offer clients an innovative, integrated service that will meet all of their needs. Today, the group is thriving, and db automation brings the benefit of its longstanding reputation for excellence innovation and its established relationships with America and European countries. The firm enjoys several long-standing supplier alliances, notably with Sepro Robotique; enabling the provision of integration services for UK and international clients. This has an enabled the business to have an established return client base and has seen the business increase their international presence within the USA and Europe, with a large proportion of business exporting to these countries. The company is able to provide automation solutions to any client from idea to finished product keeping all elements of the process within db automation. This places the business ahead of its competitors making them the best possible option for automation solutions and service on the market. db automation Ltd Best International Manufacturing Automation Solutions Supplier 2019 Ultimately, the common goal at db automation and throughout the PCE GROUP is to Deliver Automation Excellence, this will remain central to the firm’s ongoing focus as it works on even more exciting projects throughout the coming year and beyond. With automation and digitalisation becoming increasingly important and industry 4.0 in the minds of many, db automation creates opportunities to enhance its service and machinery offering, and provide clients an inventive automation solution. As db automation expands their exportation to the USA and Europe, they are working with these clients to engineer a bright and secure future through automation! Company: db automation Ltd Contact: Emma Varney-Long Website: https://www.db-automation.co.uk/

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