Midlands Enterprise Awards 2019

24 | SME NEWS - Midlands Enterprise Awards 2019 With a broad range of funeral services, Jackson Family Funeral Directors are highly experienced and qualified and offer both funeral service packages and bespoke support when clients need it most. We invited Managing Director Matthew Jackson to tell us more about the firm and how hard it works to help bereaved families to create a memorial that their loved ones would be proud of. Combining traditional values with modern practices, Jackson Family Funeral Directors is able to offer clients the very highest possible standard of personal service combined with the funeral solutions they expect. Matthew discusses how far the firm has come since it first began and the ongoing driving forces behind its service offering. “Initially, our family decided to start up our own independent funeral director’s business as we have extensive knowledge of the industry that gave us a unique insight into market trends. Starting up a business as a funeral director was certainly challenging as established companies have reputations built over many years, but we have changed this positive feature into a restriction as they are often set in their ways. The extraordinary success we have experienced is the result of the dedication we show to understanding and supporting our community. “After all, the subject of funerals is often shrouded in hidden costs, disconnected from the local community and a very taboo subject. Our vision is to help change the funeral industry; help evolve the profession and the perception of funeral directors, yet maintaining a sensitive, ethical, classic level of care and service. “Since we founded Jackson Family Funeral Directors, our goal has been to become the leading provider of funeral services within Worcestershire, as an integral part of the community, working in synergy with local businesses. We strive to make costs transparent with clearly advertised prices, that is the same for everyone, without prejudice. For example, we offer a direct cremation, without a funeral, for a dignified service where families struggle with the financial aspects of the loss of a family member. As such, we are able to make sure each and every one of our clients, regardless of taste, income or ideas, is able to achieve a dignified send-off that befits their loved ones.” It is this drive towards equality that has set the firm apart since it began and marked it out as a unique alternative to its outdated competitors, as Matthew showcases. “Over the years, we have taken the very traditional, very impersonal funeral services of many local funeral directors and given the local community a new option: a more open and fresh approach to funerals where our brand colours of sunflowers signify the celebration of life. We are renowned for being approachable and caring and our brand reflects our culture. Customers understand our clear pricing that is standardised, no matter where they live or who they are, reflecting equality.” As part of this focus on community support, the firm collaborates with a number of organisations throughout the Worcestershire region to ensure everyone, regardless of income, receives the send-off they deserve, as Matthew is eager to emphasise. “Funeral poverty is a real issue, and here at Jackson Family Funeral Directors we are dedicated to reducing costs for customers, as well as giving back to the wider community to ensure that everyone has the funeral they deserve. As active members of the business community we have joined networking groups and use social media to communicate our ethos of honesty and family values. Jackson Family Funeral Directors Most Compassionate Funeral Director 2019 - Worcestershire “As part of this focus, we have been working to make all children’s funerals under the age of 18 free of charge by supporting the charity CLIC Sargent with new legislation from 25th July 2019. Our belief is that the loss of a child is unbearable enough without the worries associated with large funeral costs. From the first day of launching our business we have not charged for a child’s funeral. This drive has helped us to cement our position as a human- centric funeral business built on compassion.” Recently, as part of its drive towards making quality funerals accessible for everyone, Jackson Family Funeral Directors acquired Andrew Phillips Funeral Directors, a development which has doubled the company’s turnover and increased its number of branches to four in under two years. Looking ahead, Matthew foresees even greater achievements for the firm, as he is proud to conclude. “Ultimately, since we established Jackson Family Funeral Directors our success and innovative approach have been noticed by our competitors, and they have started to follow our lead, which helps us to achieve our aims. Seeking to build upon this success, moving forward we will be expanding our teams, recruiting more staff in the local area, as well as developing our services and products to ensure that we remain able to offer clients the funeral services they need to put their loved ones to rest with dignity and individuality.” Company: Jackson Family Funeral Directors Name: Matthew Jackson Address: 68 High Street, Pershore, Worcestershire, WR10 1DU Telephone Number: 01386 552724 Web: https://www.jacksonfamilyfunerals.com/

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