Midlands Enterprise Awards 2019

27 | SME NEWS - Midlands Enterprise Awards 2019 Thanks to the experience of Founder and Namesake Dr Michael Provost, Michael Provost Consulting Ltd provides a range of engineering and business consultancy services. He talks us through his company and how he is working constantly to drive it to success and support a wide range of clients from across the corporate landscape. A young entrant to the competitive business consultancy market, Michael Provost Consulting capitalises on its Founder’s extensive industry experience, which includes nearly four decades of employment with Rolls-Royce, Bombardier Transportation and Intelligent Energy. Today, the firm offers a range of services that capitalise on Michael’s knowledge and expertise. He explains his service offerings in more detail in his opening comments. “When creating Michael Provost Consulting, I set out to offer my services to both large and small businesses who need some ‘out-of- the-box’ thinking to help them to develop and grow. Thanks to my award-winning industry expertise I can offer them innovative thinking and intuitive insight across a range of areas, including business development and growth (particularly in servitization: selling what physical assets do , not what they are ), physical asset management methods and the use of data. On the digital side of business, I and my network can help with everything from data gathering to data visualisation and beyond: I want to help businesses make sense of their data mountains and create ways to turn them into sustainable competitive advantage and real business value. I am the perfect partner for companies seeking insights that they can rely on to grow their businesses in today’s competitive market.” “Having worked for a variety of organisations over the years, I am now happy to work with anyone, from one-person start-ups to multi-billion-pound FTSE 100 companies. I can hold my own and get my ideas across at all levels, from shop floor to boardroom and beyond, and as such I am able to serve a wide variety of clients.” Whilst working for Intelligent Energy, Michael wrote and self-published a book Everything Works Wonderfully: An Overview of Servitization and Physical Asset Management , which summarises the innovative work that he has undertaken over the years on the simulation and modelling of physical assets, data gathering, analysis and visualisation, maintenance and asset management and the business implications of all of these capabilities. SAE International have recently published a newer version of Michael’s book, entitled Servitization and Physical Asset Management , which can be purchased online in either softback or ebook formats. Michael Provost Consulting was designed to build on the material in Michael’s book and provide practical support that leverages his industry experience and unique skillset. He explores the benefits that he offers to his clients and how these will help drive them to even greater success. “Over the years, I have combined disciplined thinking with wisdom and empathy, bringing insight, intuition and intelligence to businesses to expand them in ways that have surprised and delighted them. I help businesses move forward, either myself or through my contacts, advising them in plain English on how they could develop new opportunities.” “I promise to intelligently and sensibly share my knowledge, network and compassion with all my clients and contacts. Just one idea of the many that I could produce would supercharge a business and secure its future!” Michael’s core focus is now on driving his company to even greater success and enhancing its reputation for excellence in business consultancy, as he is proud to conclude. Michael Provost Consulting Ltd Best Engineering & Business Consultancy - East Midlands “Ultimately, through Michael Provost Consulting, I want to build on my record of world-class innovation and out-of-the-box thinking to make a real and lasting positive impact on the businesses that I deal with. I will continue to strive towards excellence and support a wide variety of clients across the corporate market. I want the generations following me to have the same (or better) opportunities to succeed that I have had.” Company: Michael Provost Consulting Ltd Name: Dr Michael Provost Address: 85 Balmoral Drive, Bramcote, Nottingham, NG9 3FT Telephone: 0115 919 9984 or 07811 944990 Web: www.everythingworkswonderfully.com Email: mike@michaelprovostconsulting.com

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