Midlands Enterprise Awards 2019

32 | SME NEWS - Midlands Enterprise Awards 2019 Opt HR Limited is led by Senior Independent HR Consultant and Director Rachel Wade, who draws on her longstanding experience in the market to provide dedicated support and service to clients based throughout the Midlands and across the UK. We profile the firm and Rachel to showcase how she steered the company to win one of this year’s coveted Midlands Enterprise Awards. Drawing on over 24 years’ experience in a wide range of different industries, including energy, professional services, construction and property, water technology and vehicle exchange, Rachel has risen to be a key player in today’s HR market. Alongside her work as a Strategic HR Consultant and Coach for various companies, Rachel is also a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD. Her work has been recognised by numerous publications and governing bodies, including SME News. As such, when she began Opt HR in 2015 she was determined to use this expertise to benefit her clients. She works to get to the heart of any issue and save her clients both time and money. Her straightforward approach and extensive experience have helped her to drive her company to success. From start-ups through to SMEs and even blue-chip FTSE-listed corporations, Opt HR can support any company and help streamline its HR operations, ensuring that staff are able to carry on with what they do best. Working in partnership with clients, the firm supports its clients’ business in delivering pragmatic and flexible HR solutions for all aspects of its people management. Opt HR can offer HR consulting support and software specifically designed to meet the needs of a range of clients. Rachel’s support can be provided on a retainer, ad-hoc or project basis, allowing clients the flexibility to use Opt HR’s services as much as they require them. It is this commitment to providing clients with the service and support they need that has led the firm to enjoy the exceptional reputation that it enjoys today. Within the consultancy market, Rachel offers courses and consulting services which can Opt HR Limited Best HR Services Provider 2019 - West Midlands help clients to embed essential skills into their processes, through the use of handbooks contracts and policies and procedures. Rachel can also help to troubleshoot problems; be they disciplinary, grievance, dismissals. Her work also revolves around planning for future, allowing clients to explore their people strategy, change management and organisation structure to ensure that they have the processes in place to achieve their goals moving forward. For those clients that wish to improve their HR expertise, Opt HR also offer one-on-one HR Coaching that provides them with the insider information they need to excel in this diverse and challenging field. Thanks to her expertise, Rachel can not only advise her clients on the best techniques to use, but also help them to confront and resolve whatever may be blocking their path to success. In partnership with her clients Rachel can develop their interpersonal skills and boost their self-confidence, helping them to achieve the HR career they want. As a result of this extensive service offering, all clients, regardless of whether they are looking for the confidence to take action, or want trusted advise to align their people policies with their vison for growth, can rely on Opt HR for the assistance they need. Looking ahead, Rachel will continue to drive Opt HR to even greater success and acclaim, working with even more companies throughout the corporate market and providing them with the expert HR services they have come to expect from her dynamic firm. Company: Opt HR Limited Contact: Rachel Wade Website: https://opthr.co.uk/

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