Midlands Enterprise Awards 2019

35 | SME NEWS - Midlands Enterprise Awards 2019 “Excitingly for business professionals we’re also seeing corporate Rotary groups really take off. This gives businesses the opportunity to interact with the Rotary network and allow employees to develop their skills by planning and participating in community projects.” Perhaps the organisation’s most exciting development of all is the launch of a brand, new national event to get people engaged with volunteering, which they are hosting right here in the Midlands. Volunteer Expo, which will take place from 1st- 3rd May 2020 at the NEC Birmingham is the first event of its kind in the UK, and will connect new and existing volunteers with charities and community-interest organisations to encourage greater involvement with volunteering and social action projects. “From our point of view, Birmingham, and the Midlands as a whole, is a really vibrant and thriving area with a strong sense of community, making it the ideal place to bring Volunteer Expo to life.” Added Amanda. “The investment going into the region and the exciting events on the horizon, such as the Commonwealth Games in 2022 make it a really dynamic, highly connected place to be doing business. “Volunteer Expo is really about giving charities and community-interest organisations the chance to connect with people who are looking for a way to give something back but don’t know where to start. Not only as an antidote to the growing epidemic of social isolation we’re seeing in society, but to strengthen communities as a whole. “Ultimately, we are confident that this will bring a host of opportunities not only for businesses in the city but those operating in the wider Midlands region who want to recruit new volunteers or put their corporate social responsibility plans in to action by connecting with the voluntary sector.” To find out more about Rotary, visit www.rotarygbi.org To explore exhibitor and sponsorship packages for Volunteer Expo or to book your free tickets, visit www.volunteerexpo.co.uk Company: Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland Website: www.rotarygbi.org Facebook: www.facebook.com/RotaryinGBI Twitter: www.twitter.com/RotaryGBI Instagram: www.instagram.com/RotaryGBI

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