Midlands Enterprise Awards 2019

4 | SME NEWS - Midlands Enterprise Awards 2019 Two years ago, the team behind the Optimum Pay Group created a business designed to meet the needs of SMEs across the UK, making payroll outsourcing easy and efficient. Despite being a young company, the group has over four decades collective experience in the market, and as a result it has been privileged to win one of this year’s Midlands Enterprise Awards. We showcase the firm’s success in and how its drive towards excellence for clients has helped it to achieve the phenomenal success it enjoys today. Created by a business owner within the staffing and recruiting sector, Optimum Pay Group’s services are based on the in-depth knowledge from the recruiters and contractors. Everything the group offers is driven from the point of view of a client, rather than that of an accountant or payroll company. As a result, clients know that they can rely on the Optimum Pay Group to provide them with the solutions they need that will help them to carry on with their business without the burden of payroll. The group’s senior team firmly believe that the true meaning of an outsourced service provider is to have a solution to suit all clients that will ensure they do not have to worry about this area of their business. As such, no matter what style of payment or what complications there may be, the Optimum Payroll Group will have the perfect solution that will leave their clients safe in the knowledge that their payroll is in truly expert hands. As part of this focus on providing quality services that clients do not have to think about, the group is constantly working to ensure it is ahead of all emerging payroll sector developments so that it is always offering a truly cutting-edge solution to its clients. With laws changing all the time the group’s compliance and legal team are constantly working to ensure that the group is on the correct side of compliance at all times so that clients do not have to deal with these issues on top of their own business compliance. Such a focus is imperative in today’s market as with IR35, VAT and many other factors coming into place, transparency in the payroll is key to success. No longer do employers just trust a payroll provider to pay their staff and just ‘presume’ it will be done correctly; they need to know that there are safeguards in place and that they can check their supplier’s service offering at all times. The Optimum Pay Group is dedicated to providing this transparency for the benefit of its clients. Unlike other service driven businesses, the UK’s payroll sector is governed by the pricing limits set by HMRC, and as such clients search for service providers that will offer them the exceptional standard of service and support that they need. As such, Optimum Pay Group’s core focus is constantly on ensuring that clients receive high- quality service at all times, and that whatever they need its expert team are able to provide it quality and effectively. This focus on client service is driven by a supportive internal culture, where everyone feels welcomed and able to do the best for their clients. By hiring staff that fit with its brand and values the Optimum Pay Group has created a culture that benefits everyone and ensures that clients and staff all receive the support they need constantly. Fundamentally, Optimum Payroll Group’s aim is to make all payroll and accountancy a much easier and more understandable factor within its clients and contractors daily business life. As the group looks towards a bright and exciting future filled with new opportunities this will remain its core focus. Optimum Pay Group Most Innovative Payroll Solutions Provider 2019 - UK

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