Midlands Enterprise Awards 2020

59 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2020 Sep20347 Payroll Solutions Provider of the Year - UK Since its inception in 2017, Optimum Pay Group, the Crewe-based payroll provider that operates on a global scale, has been on a mission to bridge the gap between commercial accountancy and a commercial outsourced payroll company. In only three years, Optimum has achieved a global success story that has seen the growth and development of its staff in their pursuit of payroll services delivered with a client-centric approach. We put together a profile of Optimum to find out more about their rise to success. Optimum Pay Group is a global payroll provider, specialising in the provision of compliant payroll solutions around the globe. Since the firm’s inception in 2017, Optimum has been responsible for ensuring all taxes and compliancy are fulfilled in the required country, as per that countries tax guidelines. The company’s success has been built from their adaptability to and ongoing compliance with the constantly evolving nature of legislation. Fundamentally, Optimum is guided by its two core beliefs that employees should be paid in full, on time, every time, and employers should be free to focus their energy and internal resources on the bigger picture of their organisation. Therefore, Optimum is on hand to offer payroll services suited to their clients’ needs, whether that be in Umbrella, Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), PAYE or Global Payroll. The firm’s principal aim is to provide their services as efficiently and compliantly as possible, whilst maintaining the highest standards of customer service. By offering a comprehensive selection of services where most of their competitors would only specialise in a few specific sectors, the Optimum team strives to go above and beyond to help their customers, whether they are in the senior management team or an intern. Driven by their values of full compliance, customer service, innovation and excellence, Optimum has built a globally expanding reputation of reliability and high-quality services. When Optimum was set up in 2017, the vision was to combine the unique selling points of both an accountancy company and an outsourced payroll company, thus delivering complete, compliant payroll solutions with excellent customer service to any business anywhere in the world. This innovative approach to payroll services has meant that in only three years, the firm has seen a rapid rate of growth, both in terms of size and reputation, and the acquisition of numerous awards and accolades as a leading payroll and financial services provider in the UK and beyond. With the Midlands becoming an increasingly thriving hub thanks to developments such as HS2, which will see an increase in business activity and employment in the area, Optimum is looking forwards to a busy 2021. The impacts of lockdown on the economy had knock-on effects for Optimum’s activities, as it did for most businesses, but as people have returned to work following the first lockdown and the furlough scheme finished, the demand for payroll services returned steadily. With many more people yet to come back to work, Optimum is optimistic that this will continue over the coming months. Optimum is also seeing a lot of new clients coming to them for help with a variety of different types of work, which can largely be put down to the firm being one of the few companies that was processing furlough payments throughout the lockdown as an outsourced payroll company. Adhering to the company’s core values and drive to offer their services to all those who need them and at the best standard possible, Optimum is eagerly taking on these projects and seeing excellent growth as a result. Whilst the lockdown may have seen the loss of two employees during lockdown, four others joined and the business has continued to grow. Alongside their global expansion, Optimum has also been focusing its attention a little closer to home, having recently sponsored their local football team, Nantwich Town FC. As official sponsors of the stadium and Optimum’s Group CEO now a director and board member of the club, it is clear that whilst the firm has their visions set firmly on global expansion, Optimum is simultaneously staying true to its Midlands origins. Contact: Carl Boulton Company: Optimum Pay Group Web Address: www.optimumpaygroup.com