Midlands Enterprise Awards 2020

62 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2020 Oct20375 Best PVC & Canvas Products Manufacturer - UK Established in 1988, Corby Canvas is an established team of specialists in manufacturing a comprehensive selection of canvas and PVC products suitable for use across key sectors such as industrial, commercial, exhibition, sport and leisure, and domestic. Working with a broad spectrum of clients, Corby Canvas repeatedly demonstrates their versatility and wide scope of capabilities in fulfilling any canvas needs. Beginning as a small firm in Corby producing only market stall frames and covers, the company now produces everything from storage bags to printed banners, trailer or tarpaulin covers to show units or boat covers. In over thirty years, Corby Canvas has worked with clients in every industry, whether they be engine parts manufacturers or care homes, leisure product suppliers or domestic homeowners. As such, the firm has worked with the NHS, National Trust, English Heritage, Severn Valley Railway, a number of local and county councils and various film and TV studios. The Corby Canvas team recently acquired a larger HF welder, which has enabled them to design and manufacture a range of mattresses for the disability market which has already proven popular in the UK, and will now be able to supplied in larger volumes, and to a wider European market. With a continually growing portfolio of products, Corby Canvas is able to cater for every eventuality. Using only the highest standard of materials to ensure that their products are able to stand up to even the harshest outdoor conditions, Corby Canvas prides itself on a meticulous attention to detail. The firm does not just sell the canvas, but they get to know the client, their specifications and what they are looking for from their canvas product. The team at Corby Canvas, who are committed to delivering the level of excellence they would expect from a business, can then make a detailed and comprehensive proposal to the client which takes into consideration the purpose of the product, likely obstructions and harsh conditions it might face, and any design limitations and concerns the team may have. As such, clients are able to work with Corby Canvas, confident in the knowledge that their project is in informed and invested hands which benefit from unparalleled knowledge and insights. Whilst business activity for many other enterprises across the Midlands and beyond have slowed or come to a complete halt during the global pandemic and resulting lockdowns, Corby Canvas has been delighted to see thriving activity, particularly in the home leisure and outdoor living sector. As people have made the most of their outdoor areas so as to continue seeing friends and family in safer environments, Corby Canvas has been busy installing timber frames and canvas walls on a number of exciting projects, such as ‘Gin Palaces’, Man Caves and outdoor dining spaces. Thanks to Corby Canvas’ offerings, outdoor entertaining is no longer limited to the summer months. Whilst expanding their reach and services across the Midlands and beyond, Corby Canvas is always exploring new avenues for improvement and development. The team’s current focus is on reducing waste and its impacts on the environment, and so are working on a range of products that will make use of their surplus materials. It is this forward-thinking innovation, combined with the drive to deliver the highest standards of products and service, that will propel Corby Canvas on for another, equally successful, thirty years ahead. Contact: Lindsay Burrill Company: Corby Canvas Products Ltd Web Address: www.corbycanvas.co.uk Boasting more than three decades of industry experience and unparalleled insights and knowledge, Corby Canvas is the Stafford-based manufacturer and distributor of canvas and PVC products. Servicing a vast array of clients across many industries and providing a complete selection of products suited for every need, Corby Canvas takes pride in its forward-thinking innovation, that has resulted in the achievement of the SME Midland Enterprise Award 2020 for the Best PVC and Canvas Products Manufacturer UK. Working with a broad spectrum of clients, Corby Canvas repeatedly demonstrates their versatility and wide scope of capabilities in fulfilling any canvas needs.

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