Midlands Enterprise Awards 2021

30 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2021 an online ordering app which took off from the get-go. It was a remarkable and swift adaptation which meant that customers could still have what they wanted or were used to. Delivering this kind of service as a team of just two was a massive challenge but it persevered and managed to count its blessings. Landlady of 18 years, Rebecca, says, “we feel that all pubs deserve praise and we all need each other to survive in Shepshed; we all try to work together and help each other out where we can. There are enough customers for us all and each pub is different with its own regulars. Before lockdown we were the only pub in the centre of Shepshed serving food”. It has invested thousands in creating outdoor spaces for functions and for children to play whilst visiting the pub. Rebecca says, “it’s great to look across the garden and feel the atmosphere with kids playing and parents relaxing”. Pied Bull’s Rebecca says that it prides itself on “market awareness and understanding our target customer base, vision, the constant drive for improvement, passion for what we do and relentless work ethic”. The Pied Bull team deserves this award for all their hard work, not just as a pub, but as a pillar of its community dedicated to helping those in need. Contact: Rebecca Hayes Company: Hayes Owen Enterprises T/A Pied Bull Shepshed Web Address: www.piedbullshepshed.com It takes a lot to become a hub for social interaction and tradition, yet the Shepshed-based country pub, Pied Bull has achieved this status through many years of hard work and devotion. By adapting to change and leading with pride and innovation, the team at Pied Bull has been able to keep the village’s oldest pub at the fore of the community’s attention, leading to its success at the Midlands Enterprise Awards 2021. The Pied Bull is the oldest local pub of Shepshed that brings people together for pints, food, events, and good company. It is owned by a determined couple who have dedicated a lot of time to serving customers and keeping the pub up and running smoothly. This country pub provides home cooked meals and excellent beer. It also provides the public with a relaxed environment where they can let their hair down and have a good time. The Pied Bull gets involved with charity and community work where possible. It donates and sponsors at every viable opportunity because it believes that without the Shepshed community, it is nothing. Through various charity events, it raises a lot of money for the community. Its bank holiday fun day in aid or LOROS was a huge success last year and they were happy to donate all the profits from that day, straight to Leicester Hospice itself. In addition, on Christmas Day 2020, Pied Bull worked extra hard to provide a Christmas Day meal to the ones that wouldn’t otherwise receive one. This was done free of charge as they were able to use the many donations that they had been given for their efforts. It then donated the left-over money and food to its local food bank. Aside from this, Sundays throughout the Covid-19 pandemic became very busy for Pied Bull, as sons and daughters of elderly people ordered meals for them and the pub would make and deliver them. Delivery to the elderly has extended from Sundays to seven days a week as Pied Bull does everything it can to look out for those in need. In doing so, it delivers the best service to individuals who could possibly be forgotten or pushed aside. It has a function room that was heavily used before lockdown but, unfortunately as with many Best Regional Country Pub - East Midlands pubs and businesses, it had to be put on the back burner until the recent uplifting of lockdown restrictions. This function room was booked up well in advance and things had to be cancelled, but now that it is back up and running again, as people are now able to resume their functions in a great environment. Supporting events from birthday parties to wakes, Pied Bull has created a reputation for being an adaptable and homely venue to suit all needs. Additionally, the pub hosts regular comedy nights with its comedy club, Doorstep Comedy, consequently winning Best New Venue at the Leicester Comedy Awards. Not only does it provide the community with comedy, but it also presents local bands, holds a charity quiz every Sunday and hosts a dart evening every Monday. Due to the difficulties of 2020, it was decided that the pub would open for a take-away service with Jul21574