Midlands Enterprise Awards 2021

65 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2021 A family atmosphere permeates every part of North Cotswold Brewery. With an approach that embraces the way things have always been done, they have achieved incredible success in SME News’ Midlands Enterprise Awards 2021. We dig a little deeper into their business to discover hidden depths to this well-regarded classic. Nestled just off the Fosseway, just a few miles outside Moreton in Marsh and Shipston on Stour is Ditchford Farm. Ditchford Farm is home to the renowned North Cotswold Brewery. Established in 1999, these “Fine Ales from the Fosse” have been tantalising customer’s tastebuds for over 20 years, and don’t show any sign of slowing down. At North Cotswold Brewery, the aim is to create a taste of something superior. Using only the finest ingredients and traditional methods, the team have been able to brew ales that are truly second to none. Customers and consumers both turn to the team because they know that they will receive something very special indeed. The range of clients who trust the team include independent pubs, hotels, restaurants and shops who want the very best in authentic brewing. The team’s ales have always been aimed at the widest possible audience, quenching the thirsts of people from every walk of life. With delivery an option 364 days a year, even on the same day if required, they are indomitable partners for those who need a top up from a superior supplier of ales. Over the years, the team at North Cotswold Brewery have seen their traditional cask conditioned ales come under attack from the new craft keg ales. However, because of their reputation within the industry, and the promise of a first-rate product every single time, they have continued to grow where others have stumbled. This growth has continued even through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic when pubs and restaurants were forced to shut. The team’s entrepreneurial spirit has ensured they have adapted quickly to whatever challenges have arisen. Needless to say, this entrepreneurial spirit is at the heart of the business. This has been supported by the UK’s business friendly tax Best Family-Owned Brewery - Gloucestershire environment. It’s an environment that has rewarded the risks that the team have taken and has allowed them to flourish in a way that many companies might not have done. Similarly, the Midlands offers a wealth of different commercial opportunities. “Local” and “family” are corner stones of the business. The team at North Cotswold Brewery are family run, as already stated, and this family approach reaches into every part of the business. All members of the team are considered extended family, which has generated a friendly and informal environment in which to work. As such, it is a place where the individual can thrive and have great job satisfaction. This adds enormously to the value of North Cotswold Brewery. The core of the business will always remain the supply of pubs, hotels and restaurants to those in the local area, but the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed the team to really stretch their wings commercially. Their home delivery service and retail operation is one which is set to become a major part of the business moving forward allowing even more people access to the firm’s famous “Fine Ales from the Fosse”. Company: North Cotswold Brewery Name: Sandra Holiday Email: mail@northcotswoldbrewery.co.uk Web Address: www.northcotswoldbrewery.co.uk Aug21019