Midlands Enterprise Awards 2021

85 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2021 OKO Sales Limited launched as the original, effective tyre sealant. OKO continues to manufacture from cutting-edge materials sources from leading innovators in the chemical development industry. Since its foundation, OKO has remained the best in the business for tyre sealant solutions. OKO Sales Limited is an established and official UK distributor of OKO anti-puncture products, sold in over 90 countries. Its mission is to protect drivers, riders and vehicles from harm and financial loss caused by punctures. OKO products seal damage made to tyres, regardless of whether a puncture was made and can extend the effectiveness and longevity of a tyre by over 20%. OKO is the only tyre sealant that has been certified until ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 and is continuous research and development to progress a greener tailored product for all vehicles. Overall, OKO has been assessed and confirmed as a producer of carbon- negative products and continues to carry out carbon offsetting, continuing as a carbon-negative company within the industry. Now, there are several tyre sealant competitors on the market. However, a significant competitive difference to other suppliers and creators of similar products is that OKO will perform as claimed. As stated by its terms, OKO will achieve more with less. The OKO Research & Development team listen to customers who use their vehicles daily and then design and engineer an OKO Sealant that suits exactly each vehicle type. As a result, each OKO best fits the tyres of the vehicle subsequently in terms of longevity, performance, handling, safety, and effectiveness. For the past 20 years, OKO has worked in partnership with scientific research centres such as the Malaysian Rubber & Plastics Research Association. (M.R.P.R.A), now known as ‘Rubber Consultants’, to ensure OKO products are suitable for use with all tyres and will not cause damage to tyre casings, tyre structures and metal bracing cords. Its product development continues to be an area of major investment as OKO Group Best Tyre Sealant Solutions Retail & Wholesale Business 2021 works closely with other scientific consultants to find and use the safest possible compounds. Moreover, OKO Group continually evaluates the climate-suitability and safety of its ingredients. Materials are tested and used to ensure they are compatible with the wheel and tyre industry. OKO proudly sells UK-made tyre sealants, rivalling against imported and relabelled products from the USA and China that have heavy carbon footprints. During Covid-19, OKO’s sales have withstood the pandemic’s aftermath, with traditional sales towards heavy-duty vehicles being strong and performing exceptional growth in the bicycle market. Though there has been a halt to exhibitions, OKO will resume critical shows in the agricultural, construction and quarrying sectors by 2022, looking forward to meeting customers and prospects again. Furthermore, going towards 2022, OKO is investing in extra production capacity, including a new website and an enhanced web-shop. Address: 21, Atlas Estate, Brookvale Road, Witton, Birmingham, West Midlands, B6 7EX Contact Number: +44(0)121 356 6565 Web Address: okosales.co.uk Contact Details: [email protected] Jul21778