Midlands Enterprise Awards 2021

89 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2021 Standing out from the crowd is easy when you have a great offering, like Haiwaiian takeaway restaurant Pokéwaves! Based in Nottingham, it’s been loyally serving the local area with its delicious dishes throughout the lockdown periods. Serving up traditional Hawaiian Poké with an authentic taste, that’s fresh and fun, Pokéwaves is Nottingham’s first premium poké bar. But what is poke, I hear you ask? If you’re unfamiliar with Hawaiian cuisine then you’ve perhaps not heard of this delicacy before, so allow us to enlighten you in all things poké! A classic poké bowl is based upon raw marinated fish, typically Ahi or Yellowfin tuna, that’s cubed and layered up with a satisfying serving of sticky rice and power-packed pickles. Pronounced “poke-ay” which means to “slice or cut” in Hawaiian, the dish was invented by fishermen who would season the cut-offs from their daily catch (Pohkay) whilst sat on their boats and eat it raw. Of course, things have got a little bit more delicious (not to mention decadent!) since the days of fishermen devouring their catch whilst they worked, but the ethos is the same – great food, great flavours, great taste! During the pandemic lockdowns, Pokéwaves diversified, offering takeaway and delivery services to the local residents so they could continue to enjoy its traditional fare. With dishes on the menu such as the classic signature bowls of Yuzu Salmon, Wasabi Salmon, and Ahi Tuna, to the more exotic Teriyaki Chicken and Garlic Shrimp, the bar also gives you the option to create your own unique poké bowl, and it’s really easy and fun to do! First, you choose your base of rice, noodles or leafy greens. Next you add your protein - whilst this is authentically fish, Pokéwaves also offers chicken and tofu to its guests. Next come the toppings which consists of delights such as edamame, kimchi, pickled cucumber, chia seeds and much much more, all designed to give depth and texture to your dish. It is then enveloped in your sauce of choice, from the citrusy tang of yuzu, to the heat of wasabi, there’s plenty to choose from. And finally, a crispy Best Takeaway Restaurant – Nottinghamshire garnish adorns the tops, such as coconut flakes, wasabi peas or crispy shallots. With all this lip-smacking goodness packed into just one poké bowl it’s no wonder that Pokéwaves was awarded the accolade of Best Takeaway Restaurant – Nottinghamshire in the SME News Midlands Enterprise Awards 2021. Here’s to a bright, and delicious future! Or, as the Hawaiians say, “Ono”! Contact: Kent Hau Company: Pokéwaves Web Address: www.pokewaves.co.uk Jul21084