Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 SME News is proud to host the Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 once again for its fifth instalment. This programme aims to reward a vastly diverse range of hardworking firms based in the UK’s heartland! Businesses across the Midlands are showing strong signs of recovery from the widespread disruption made prevalent by the COVID-19 pandemic. The introduction and bolstering of numerous investment funds being made available to towns and cities across the region has provided a vital lifeline and aid for SMEs to fund their ongoing operations. With the Government’s recent ‘Levelling Up’ agenda encompassing selected towns and cities in the Midlands, this also comes with extensive investment and innovation available for the second-most affluential region in the country excluding London! Sif Brookes | Senior Editor Contents 4. Prestidge Carpentry Building: Best Custom Home Improvement & Property Renovation Company - West Midlands 6. VIP Day Centre: Most Dedicated Sensory Impairment & Dementia Support Organisation 2022 8. Clickpost: Best Nationwide Construction Printing Company 2022 10. The Magnificent Cleaners: Best Specialist Cleaning Company 2022 - Birmingham and West Midlands 12. Netbiz Group: Best Bespoke eCommerce & CMS Specialists 2022 14. Gaunts of Wollaston: Funeral Directors of the Year 2022 16. Services4Schools Ltd (S4S): Education Institution Business Support Provider of the Year 2022 18. NottinghamCar.com: Best Pre-Owned Car Sales Dealership - Nottinghamshire 20. Supporting Minds: Most Dedicated Providers of Mental Health Counselling 2022 21. Approved Tiling & Bathrooms: Best Bespoke Kitchen & Bathroom Remodelling Company - Derbyshire 22. Oxon Creative: Best Website Design & Development Agency - West Midlands 23. Simpson & Wilde Independent Funeral Directors: Best Emerging Community Funeral Directors 2022 24. OMS: Best Training & Consultancy - East Midlands 25. Smooth Financial Solutions Ltd: Leading Experts in Residential & Investment Property Purchasing 2022 26. Zenzero: Leading Nationwide Provider of Managed IT Services 2022 27. Flexi-Films UK Ltd: Best Flexible Packaging Solutions Supplier 2022 28. YouNeek Productions Ltd: Most Engaging Video Production Company – West Midlands 29. UK-Centric Supply Chains: Supply Chain Support Enterprise of the Year 2022

Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 | 3 30. The Executive Solutions Agency Ltd: Best Neurodiverse Entrepreneurial Support Provider 2022 31. DK Divorce Consultants: Best Divorce Support Service - West Midlands 32. Cygnul: Best National Membership Association Remote Office Service 2022 33. mk Profile Systems Ltd: Best Profile & Conveyor Technology Supplier - East Midlands 34. Subside Bar Ltd: Best Rock Bar & Live Music Venue - Greater Birmingham 35. The Mini Media Company: Best Local SEO Agency 2022 – Warwickshire 36. Chatty Duck Creative Ltd: Best Marketing & Communications Agency - EMEA 37. FIRE CONSULTANCY SPECIALISTS LIMITED: Best Emerging Fire Safety Consultancy 2022 38. Gateway HR & Training Ltd: Most Trusted Nationwide HR & Training Company 2022 & Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 39. Lifeplan Products Limited: Most Innovative Nutritional Supplements Brand 2022 40. Lime Tree Path: Best Emerging Commercial Energy Consultants 2022 – East Midland & Excellence Award in Customer Aftercare 2022 41. AV Wellbeing: Best Workplace Mental Health Support Service - Nottinghamshire 42. Researching People: Best Research & Evaluation Company 2022 43. PN Home: Best Modern Furniture & Accessories Retailer – Leicestershire 44. Pre Metro Operations Ltd: Regional Light Rail Service Provider of the Year 2022 45. Develop Training Ltd: Leading Provider of Health & Safety Training Courses 2022 46. Midland Care Support & Enablement Ltd: Most Compassionate Home Care Team – West Midlands 47. Lewtay Training Limited: Best Apprenticeships & Staff Training Provider 2022 - East of England 48. All Weather Leisure Midlands LTD: Hot Tubs Retailer of the Year – West Midlands & Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 49. CWG CHOICES LTD: Best Doors & Windows Supplier 2022 50. a-one Cleaning Services Ltd: Best Family-Run Commercial Cleaning Company 2022 51. HubGem Marketing: Best Education & NPO Marketing Agency 2022 & Excellence Award in CRM Implementation 2022 52. Marell Consulting Limited: Recognised Leaders in School Improvement Support 2022 53. Hybrid Media Interactive: Best Education Sector IT Support Company 2022 – West Midlands 54. The CPD Group: Best Professional Development & Trainer Accreditation Organisation 2022 55. Larkin’s: Antique Store of the Year – Derbyshire 56. Your Tender Team: UK Bid Writing Company of the Year 2022 57. DJP - TESTING SERVICE LTD: PAT Testing Specialists of the Year 2022 58. MKKF: Best Carbon-Neutral Digital Agency - East Midlands 59. Road Traffic Solutions Ltd: Leading Traffic Management Business of the Year – Lincolnshire 60. DWH Design Limited: Most Client-Focused Creative Design Agency - West Midlands & Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 61. F. Hunt Coach Hire Ltd: Best Coach Travel Provider – East Midlands 62. Shahi Masala: Best Multi-Cuisine Buffet Restaurant - Birmingham 63. Wrights Estate Agents: Best Residential Real Estate Agency - Shropshire 64. Genius Hub: Best Automated Heating Control Solutions Provider 2022 65. Fluid: Best Global Entertainment Creative Agency 2022 66. Digital Defined Marketing: SEO Specialists of the Year – Staffordshire 67. Yakinori Solihull Touchwood: Best Traditional Japanese Cuisine Restaurant - Birmingham

4 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 Jun22475 Best Custom Home Improvement & Property Renovation Company - West Midlands As one of the most exemplary renovation and conversation firms in the West Midlands, Prestidge Carpentry Building has made a name for itself with its continually exemplary service of its clients. From the very first consultation right through to saying goodbye at the end of a project, it promises that its well-educated, passionate, and empathetic staff will be a pleasure to work with, delivering the highest quality craftsmanship on time, within budget, and up to even the ‘loft’-iest of standards. Offering a specialist service for garage and loft conversion and renovation, Prestidge Carpentry Building is for homeowners who ‘want to make more of their homes’. Nominally, its efforts have thrust it to pre-eminence in its industry for its continual excellence in the provision of reliable services at competitive prices that never scrimp on the superior finish, outstanding customer service, and quality workmanship. Indeed, each of these elements form a solid pillar upon which everything else has been build, forging a foundation of trust, respect, and reliability upon which Prestidge Carpentry Building has built its name and its reputation. Its mission, therefore, can be described accurately as striving for the utmost customer satisfaction at every turn. The effort it funnels into responding in a timely and empathic manner to every question, comment, or concern that a client may have sets it in good stead with its market segment, as it has proved time and again its true dedication to creating bespoke custom home improvements and conversions that fit a client’s needs. After all, the client’s visions and goals are the driving force behind any job, and so it works hard to keep these specifications as the beating heart of the task at hand, hearkening back to the vision it is trying to create in order to make it reality. This is the mission that Prestidge Carpentry Building was founded upon, and it shows no signs of shirking this particular commitment anytime soon. Indeed, the reputation of having outstanding service, quality, and efficiency is all due to this dedication to the client, and they repay its diligence with glowing reviews, referrals to friends, family, and peers, and coming back to it over and over as their renovation one-stop-shop. Uniquely, it sees itself as a vessel through which it makes dreams come true, seeing its role in its clients’ lives as so much more than just another renovation company. It is a trusted partner to the creation of a clients’ dream home, with its team making themselves a friendly and available point of contact throughout the build in order to assuage any concerns, comments, or doubts that a client may be having. This allows its clients to take pride in the work that Prestidge Carpentry Building has done over the course of the build, to take pride in their input in the build, and – of course – to take pride in showing off their newly renovated home or loft to guests. It hopes to hear tales of all the appreciative ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ of friends and family members once it’s completed a build, and is always excited to hear back from a client to this end. Additionally, should a client have feedback on how it can improve in some way, shape, or form, it is just as excited and eager to receive this kind of comment from its clients, as it doesn’t believe in stagnation, and is always enthusiastic about the idea of bettering itself and its processes in order to conduct better work in the future. Offering a specialist service for garage and loft conversion and renovation, Prestidge Carpentry Building is for homeowners who ‘want to make more of their homes’.

Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 | 5 Best Custom Home Improvement & Property Renovation Company - West Midlands This dedication to always growing, innovating, and improving is something it wishes to foster in its industry proper. Nominally, by leading by example, it hopes to give its fellows and peers and upright zeal for positive change and for adapting itself to the wider context of a changing world, incorporating in new ideas, bold innovations, and front-running new measures in order to keep the sector of bespoke construction always growing and improving. This also means keeping abreast of all current aesthetic trend changes, form preferences, and other such industry-wide paradigm shifts. At present, such shifts are being seen in people looking inwards over the course of the pandemic, resulting in a significant boom in the home reconstruction and renovation industry as more people ponder over how to more effectively make their space into a hub for their entire lives. This is because, during the isolation periods especially, homes became the workplace, social area, leisure space, and more, and for a not insignificant amount of the population, their homes were simply not fit for purpose in this way. A lot of the modern renovation work that people want doing has therefore been focused around using space more efficiently and effectively. This has meant the creation of new storage space, more efficient office or workplace areas, more open and spacious leisure spaces, and the development of illusions that allow a space to appear bigger or airier than it was before, battling the claustrophobic feelings of being stuck indoors. Indeed, this has driven many people to finally get a jump on with that loft conversion project or garage renovation idea that they’d been putting off, eager to make new spaces for them not to just survive, but to thrive, getting back to their lives and livelihoods with the help of a space that enables it. The West Midlands has seen more and more of Prestidge Carpentry Building’s work pop up over the years thanks to the growth and renown it has been accruing. In this manner, it is excited and enthusiastic to continue serving this specific region of the UK, proud to serve the community that its founders have called home for so long, surrounded by family, friends, and partners to the business. Moreover, its staff – all of whom are directly employed by the company – are educated, well-mannered, and eager local people who have a true passion for their job, wearing the uniform with pride in order to serve clients past, present, and future. It hopes to welcome many more clients into the fold going forward, excited for its planned 2023 expansions and the further corporate development such things will bring. Company: Prestidge Carpentry Building Contact: David Prestidge Website: Prestidgecarpentry.co.uk

6 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 Jun22381 Most Dedicated Sensory Impairment & Dementia Support Organisation 2022 One of the only options for adult daily care in the UK that isn’t permanent assisted living, VIP Day Centre is filling a gap in the market for which there is a lot of demand. For many elderly people, especially people suffering from profound conditions such as dementia or sensory deficits, the thought of leaving their home to go into permanent residence elsewhere is incredibly distressing, not to mention very expensive for either themselves or their families. VIP Day Care, therefore, provides an exemplary solution. Affordable, empathetic, and reliable, its person-first work gives its service users back control over their own care. With a deep commitment to people, and to valuing everyone as an individual, VIP Day Centre is a holistic day care centre that provides high quality services to local communities, giving those with dementia, sensory impairments, and other disabilities a place to go where they will be seen, heard, and respected throughout their stay. Nominally, each professional who works for VIP Day Centre is committed to giving its clients an experience wherein they will be stimulated and supported in a comprehensive and empathetic manner, with their needs seen to and a care plan developed to give each person the opportunity to enjoy activities, social interaction, and skill maintenance at the centre. Therefore, the activities it plans are all interactive and highly accessible. It will develop these things with each person who attends in mind, with the staff on hand to give them any additional help that they may need to help them fully immerse themselves in the task at hand, promoting ability developing and enhanced independence. In this manner, no matter how debilitating a condition one is living with, VIP Day Centre can help the person living with it to thrive instead of just survive by boosting their self-esteem with skill development programmes and the like. The Director, Natalie Allcock, has been keen to implement these things, as they directly follow her own goals and values. She has worked in various care settings over the course of her 14 years in the industry, supporting dementia patients, those with sensory struggles, and a variety of other disabilities that make it hard for them to go through their day to day without a designated care provider there with them. When her own family member became ill with dementia – her Grandmother – Natalie realised just how little affordable support was available in her area, and did not want to go against her Grandmother’s wishes in order to have her put into residential care. Thus, instead of this, Natalie developed her own daily care centre that would allow people to access the affordable and empathic help they need during their day-to-day without the cost and heartbreak of having to move away from their own home and into assisted living. At present, there are no other day care centres for older adults open in her area, and they are desperately needed. Nursing homes, on average, cost at least £2000 a week and domiciliary care usually charges at least £30 an hour; this is completely not achievable for many people, and it recognises this, only charging £10 an hour for access to its daily care facilities and enrichment activities. With the population aging more and more, the latter half of the 20th century and the beginning of the current have only put further pressure on an already highly pressurised industry in terms of care for older people. In 2016, 18% of the population were over 65, and the trajectory of this is only going to be rising in the coming years – with dementia being one of the highest risk factors to the population as a result – and elderly care becoming more of a priority for local authorities. However, said authorities have increasingly tight budgets, meaning that they are looking more and more towards the private sector to full certain gaps, and VIP Day Centre hopes to be a force for good in showing that private care doesn’t always have to break the bank; indeed, sometimes it is both necessary and far more accessible. This is set to become more pivotal than ever in a world where the specialised and challenging needs of people living with dementia are changing on the daily, and VIP Day Centre is spearheading a movement into finding a more effective way to offer care in a way that fits a variety of different needs and lifestyles as a result. Moreover, members at VIP Day Centre regain control over their own healthcare and day to day life thanks to this. Allowing them to maintain autonomy and agency ensures dignity and respect is continually afforded to them at every turn, and in this manner, they can take advantage of various benefits such as attendance allowance, carers allowance, and direct payments that can be given if approved by a local social work team. Currently, its centres can be found in both Bromsgrove and Redditch, but it welcomes clients from all over the country. Accessible by motorway and public transport, it has situated itself specifically to make itself as accessible as possible, but hopes to continue making itself even more available to its clients with its future plans of VIP Franchising. This is a big part of its current driving goal, and it promises that as it continues to grow, clients will be able to

Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 | 7 Most Dedicated Sensory Impairment & Dementia Support Organisation 2022 continue enjoying the personalised, individual, and highly empathic services offered by its team, as well as the increased independence, peace of mind, and dignity that goes hand in hand with this. A large part of the activities and exercises it offers within its day care focus on creating the right environment to suit the future goals of a service user. Striving to work with agencies, families, and other support workers, VIP Day Centre makes the client the expert of their own care plan, implementing in any cultural or linguistic requirements that might be appropriate, and including them in the decision-making process when changes must be made. VIP Day Centre, therefore, plies its trade to give both mental and social interaction within its day care, with regular visits from hairdressers and chiropodists being the norm so that its clients can feel looked after from head to toe. Having been in operation since 2014, it has been receiving a vast volume of calls from up and down the UK since its inception. The market segment have welcome it with open arms, with peers recognising its good work and its clients dependably going on to leave it glowing reviews, as well as referring it to family, friends, and colleagues as a fantastic way to get elderly relatives the support they need without having them move into full time assisted living. Responding to feedback and listening to the comments of its clients, it strives to keep making its impeccable service even better going forward, and looks forward to continue expanding and welcoming in many more fresh faces in the future. Company: VIP Day Centre Contact: Natalie Allcock Website: https://vipdaycentre.co.uk/

8 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 Jun22650 Best Nationwide Construction Printing Company 2022 As a construction industry mainstay, Clickpost has made a name for itself with plan printing, reliable service, and expanding reach. The service it provides is one of the most reliable in the business, all made possible by its staff’s commitment to the utmost quality of customer interactions and solution development. With the goal of making printing services that much better and more accessible for its entire sector, it has been achieving its lofty goal one client at a time through competitive efforts and a determination to continuously improve. As the UK’s leading plan printing service, Clickpost has reliably served over 30,000 customers within the construction industry, continuing to expend its reach with a diligence and tenacity that has secured it a firm place at the head of the pack in its industry. Within the construction industry, reliable, accessible, and actionable plan printing is a critical element of any build or project, and Clickpost recognises this, striving to deliver easy-to-use print, package, and issue services that allow the improvement of the sector across the board. In essence, it leads by example, conducting the work it wishes to see made standard. By making plan printing easier, more dependable, and more customer-focused, it has developed a specialty way of working that sets it head and shoulders above the rest. Nominally, its print and issue of construction drawings and documents is done by robust, ISO9001 accredited, and rigorously quality tested systems and processes that allow very littleroom for error, taking pride in the fact that it is not just another print shop that also offers a printing service. Clickpost is industry specific, highly dedicated, and incredibly diligent. By understanding theunique challenges and hurdles that are frequently put before professionals in the construction industry, its staff can reach a true understanding with its clients, welcoming them into an empathic, efficient, and excellencefocused environment that knows what a unique set of circumstances printing for construction entails. Fundamentally, keeping its customers at heartis something that has followed it since its inception, only getting better with the years of experience it has accrued in serving them. Founded upon decades of experience in AEC, Clickpost applies its speed and focus to each one of the jobs it takes on, always treating each client with the respect and prioritisation that they deserve, as it knows that speed is of critical importance. Oftentimes, in construction, the professionals working from the plans that need printing are on tight deadlines, and don’t have time for wrangling overly bloated systems or unnecessary due process, and thus Clickpost delivers a service that is as streamlined as possible. Therefore, the clients that have enjoyed the decades of being able to get their documents quickly and reliably thanks to Clickpost each recommend it to friends, rivals, and peers, the industry in the macro scale showing its thanks for its work with reviews and referrals. Each word-of-mouth review, third party review, and glowing commentary allows the business to continue to grow and develop, helping yet more construction professionals to find and benefitfrom its work, as well as allowing Clickpost to improve its own services. It does this by listening not just to the complimentary reviews, but to all reviews, taking on board any constructive criticism and implementing in accordingly in order to ensure that it is never resting on its laurels. Stagnation, after all, is the death of progress; and progress is something that Clickpost is hoping to see much more of in the construction industry, all driven by its vision of making plan printing an easier, more efficient, and more reliable process. This removes the stress factor from one of the most logistical elements of a construction project pipeline and allows the client to get back to working on their build with the correct planning documents they need to support them in hand. Critically, striving to improve an entire industry means keeping an ear to the ground for paradigm shifts and developments going on within it. This has allowed it to keep an eye on how its wider sector has responded to Covid-19, from the market response to the response of the professionals who dedicate their careers to the delivery of the UK’s construction projects. The current prevailing trends of BIM and paperless office work have therefore been something that Clickpost has been keeping a close eye on throughout its work over the past few years, and these two trends have been prevailing with architecture, engineering, and construction in equal measure. With more people than ever working from home or needing other more socially distanced working solutions than crowded offices or workstations, Clickpost accepts

Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 | 9 Best Nationwide Construction Printing Company 2022 that BIM and paperless work is an important paradigm shift for the safety of workers up and down the country. However, good design intent communication between site operatives is still also a highly pivotal element of the industry, one which cannot be understated when it comes to the importance of them in completing a project to specification and on time. Thus, communication from design, procurement, and management to on-site physical construction still requires an effective and low-cost tool, which is still currently a need filled by printed plans such as the ones that Clickpost develops. In requisitioning their print plans from Clickpost, they cut out the need for an expensive print room, cutting costs and allowing them to more effectively use that part of the budget. With outsourced, large format, and wellexecuted printing available whenever it’s needed, its clients are still relying on it for their print plans and benefitting hugely from the timeliness and quality of the results, with sustainable consumables and FSC certified packaging ensuring an environmentally conscious mindset prevails during. Based out of Lichfield, its highly trained, joyful, and professional workplace is full of enthusiastic and clever people who are always exceeding expectations, allowing Clickpost to continue expanding both in name, deed, and location. Company: Clickpost Contact: Andrew Evans Website: click-post.co.uk

10 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 Jun22473 Best Specialist Cleaning Company 2022 - Birmingham and West Midlands Living up to the excellence suggested by its name, The Magnificent Cleaners works hard to provide the best, most efficient, and most effective cleaning services in its region. Serving the West Midlands and Birmingham area, its happiness guarantee, easy and quick booking process, and cash free payment ensure client satisfaction at every turn, having earned accreditation as some of the best professional cleaning services in the region. Indeed, it has been lauded as impeccable across all categories, including the best end of tenancy cleaning which remains crucial for estate agents and landlords alike. As one of the foremost apartment cleaning services in Birmingham, The Magnificent Cleaners allow clients to enjoy an efficient, cost effective, and discrete cleaning service that works hard to fit itself around its clients’ busy schedules. By all regards, a commitment to efficiency follows it throughout each of its operations, from the very first interaction with a client to the very last, and its website has been designed with this in mind: through its online platform, clients can book a clean in as little as 60 seconds. This online process enables clients to pick the number of bedrooms and bathrooms they want cleaned – as well as the time and date of the clean – for a flat rate that reflects a fair price for its staff and a competitive rate for its customers. It runs through the apartment cleaning services it offers in a holistic manner through this website, from the times The Magnificent Cleaners is available – from 6am to 6pm but able to be flexible with this upon request – to the instantaneous booking that is managed electronically and securely. Moreover, it promises that once booked, the client can expect an experienced, fully equipped cleaner to show up at the property, residence, or abode, totally on time and ready to go. As a result of this dedication to consistency, The Magnificent Cleaners has cultivated an image defined by robust trust from its client base. Fundamentally, the company knows that inviting a stranger into one’s home is a no small thing. It ensures it can demonstrate that it is worthy of this trust by being reliable, efficient, and punctual, with each of its staff having been carefully vetted so that The Magnificent Cleaners can ensure that they send only the best and most professional people to its clients. Thus, its staff are a team of dedicated, discrete, and highly effective cleaners, all of whom take their responsibility of working with tenacity and excellence utterly seriously, gathering a variety of glowing reviews for themselves individually that, in turn, reflect the outstanding nature of the business. In this manner, the staff are the true backbone of The Magnificent Cleaners. This has made for an internal environment of highly reputable people who approach their jobs with an upright zeal and a dedication to quality that is utterly exemplary. Critically, as a Reviews.io trusted site, it has accumulated an average of 4.95 stars out of 265 reviews, something allows its reputation to precede it when it comes to putting its best foot forward with new clients Its excellent, professional, and detailed cleaning services have been lauded as utterly without scruples at every turn, serving the West Midlands with a level of commitment that is a true credit to the industry in the macro scale. Of course, there are a variety of benefits to employing the services of professional cleaners. Firstly, it saves time and stress for a client, who can focus on what’s important in their lives and still come home to somewhere clean, hygienic, and well cared for, allowing them to keep stress levels down and looking forward to making it back to somewhere they can relax without needing to do lots of cleaning first. The Magnificent Cleaners knows that the hustle and bustle of everyday life can allow the little chores and tasks to pile up, and so its work vastly reduces the amount of these that a customer has to contend with. As briefly aforementioned, the company has particularly excelled with regards to end of tenancy services, in so far as other cleaning companies have sub-contracted The Magnificent Cleaners for the team’s high-quality services in this area. Concierge staff, too, hire the team to conduct apartment and complex cleaning as needed. Moreover, its cleaning work is always so well executed and well done that a client will not want to go back to doing their cleaning themselves after experiencing The Magnificent Cleaners’ care and diligence. The holistic cleaning, the top-of-the-line equipment, and the commitment to getting the job done in a comprehensive manner has elevated it to the very pinnacle of its industry. It also puts safety first when it comes to its clients and its staff. Rigorously vetting all cleaners, it has an intensive onboarding process that helps them to get to know each hopeful as a person, looking at their credentials and assessing them for customer service abilities as well as cleaning skills. The cleaner attending a job in question is always reviewed and rated after every clean, and each of them take great pride in keeping these reviews glowing. After all, the personal pride that they take in their work reflects the wider business; indeed, working with The Magnificent Cleaners automatically gives them a significant boost to their own personal

Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 | 11 Best Specialist Cleaning Company 2022 - Birmingham and West Midlands trustworthiness and acumen for cleaning as it is notoriously picky when it comes to staff. The company invites clients to book post haste for the times and dates best for them, excited to say that more and more clients have been requesting its services over the course of the years, allowing it to enjoy naturalistic and scalable growth, made possible by the hard work of the people within its ranks and the good repute they generate. This, of course, fuels further growth as client reviews are seen by new customers, and satisfied customers will often go on to recommend its services to family, friends, and peers. Additionally, if a customer isn’t totally happy with their clean, The Magnificent Cleaners will always go above and beyond to resolve the issue, and it is this incredible dedication to client satisfaction that will continue to keep it at the head of the pack in the UK cleaning industry in the future. Company: The Magnificent Cleaners Contact: Tarlochan Aujla Website: themagnificentcleaners.com

12 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 Jun22473 Best Bespoke eCommerce & CMS Specialists 2022 Being a digital marketing agency with a difference, Netbiz Group takes its duty of support, care, and diligence towards its clients incredibly seriously. From the very first interaction, it dedicates itself to becoming a partner to its customers, getting to know them on an intrinsic level so that it can accurately and representatively help them put their best foot forward. In a world where digital footprint is more pivotal than ever an element of getting discovered – and promoting future growth – it has made itself an indispensable part of its client’s success stories. Fundamentally, Netbiz Group has made a name for itself with its impeccable digital marketing when it comes to bespoke e-commerce solutions, CMS, and more. This includes the design, building, hosting, and maintenance of websites, as well as the operation of SEO campaigns that promise to push the company further up the corporate food chain by getting them propelled to the front pages of the most visited search engines. Additionally, its paid ad campaigns and organic social campaigns have become a highly lauded and highly trusted thing for its clients, with each of these that it runs guaranteeing returns on investments that the client will continually be impressed with. Indeed, over the years it has impressed many clients in this way – from those stepping into the field of digital marketing for the first time to accomplished B2B and B2C market providers – creating a diverse roster of clientele and a sector-agnostic level of excellence. In this manner, it proves that clients can always expect excellence from it, no matter how specific or varied their needs are. Indeed, it can rise to the accomplishment of any challenge, and is incredibly proud of the dedicated and diligent staff within its ranks who allow this to be accomplished by way of their impeccable levels of knowledge and experience, catering to the global stage and more specific markets alike. Being a team that conducts all its operations in-house, this alone shows the depth and breadth of the pool of knowledge its team have access to. There is a holistic involvement and buy-in from everyone in every project, and its digital marketing solutions draw on the expertise of everyone from SEO and UX experts to leading designers, bringing each of these elements together by way of good communication in order to create the best solutions. Its clients, therefore, enjoy a comprehensive digital marketing process that takes them all the way from the very first interaction to seeing its labour bearing fruit in terms of resulting market growth. This, in short, has become more of an important service than ever before over the past few years; with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, growth through in-person means is less viable than ever, and the digital marketplace is more crowded than ever before, meaning that the work one must do to stand out is far more significant. However, once the code has been cracked, someone pivoting to bolstering their online presence will usually find their growth exponentially increased, and this is something Netbiz Group wishes to make reality for many more clients in the future. Having seen growth thanks to the boom in demand for its services, it has been able to truly flex its creative muscles, and its Stoke-on-Trent office has been a buzzing hive of activity and excitement when it comes to helping clients forge their online niche. Moreover, its home base being in Stoke-on-Trent has allowed it to become a true cornerstone of its local region. Getting to know the vast and overlapping different markets and market players in the region, it has endeared itself to the companies found within the road surfacing, alloy fabrication, ceramics, and property development industries, helping professionals within each of these to find their footing in a crowded online space. By helping them plant their roots, and grow accordingly, it has cultivated a number of clients for whom it is their number one and go-to digital marketing specialist, using the glowing reviews and outstanding word of mouth referrals that such clients give to continue its own growth in a sustainable manner. In addition to this, it has been making many close business contacts with organisations and institutes outside of the corporate. This includes local universities, for whom it has become a partner, and in response they have allowed it to recruit and develop skilled talent in order to give graduates the chance to build up their skills and truly aid in forging what the landscape of digital marketing will look like. Going forward, it will be continuing to dedicate itself to these efforts, promoting its relationships within the sectors and fields it has gained a foothold in and strengthening the existing ones. This promises to be a huge contributor in allowing it to keep on its current trajectory towards greater further success. Being such a social, creative, and empathic firm, it has built its entire corporate identity based on working with a level of impeccable understanding regarding a client’s needs and what kind of image they wish to portray, all using an expert foundation of knowledge and logic that keeps it all grounded in the possible. By doing this, it can push the limits of digital marketing whilst guaranteeing good results for its clients, using its certain competitive streak to remain abreast of the competition and work with the latest frameworks and technologies. Thus, as it closes another financial year, it is pleased to say it has been seeing nothing but growth, and expects this to continue in the future, gaining more international clients in Bahrain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the US, and hopefully further afield in the coming years. Company: Netbiz Group Contact: Will Erlam Website: netbizgroup.co.uk

Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 | 13 Best Bespoke eCommerce & CMS Specialists 2022

14 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 Jul22337 Funeral Directors of the Year 2022 Gaunts of Wollaston is the newest addition to F.P. Gaunt & Sons, the family-owned independent funeral directors serving the needs of local families since 1900. Now into its sixth generation of the Gaunt family, Gaunts of Wollaston have now extended their reach to continue to help families with funeral arrangements, providing sympathetic and compassionate support at every step. It has a reputation as one of the most professional and caring funeral directors, with a family-oriented approach known throughout Stourbridge and the West Midlands. Ever since F.P Gaunt & Sons was established over a century ago, its values have remained the same: to treat clients as they would one of their own family. It may boast an expansion with four large modern and bespoke funeral homes in Rowley Regis, Cradley Heath, Stourbridge, and Smethwick, but the funeral directors continues to provide a first-class, personal service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Catering to all requirements, requests and budgets, it team seamlessly adapts to suit any special requests and ensures each and every funeral is unique, meaningful, and personal. Gaunts of Wollaston is now under the personal attention of Mr Jake Gaunt, who is the sixth generation of the Gaunt family to join the business of funeral directing. Upon leaving school, Jake joined his grandfather, Peter Gaunt; his mother, Heidi; his father, Darren; and his brother, Sam in running the business. With over ten years’ experience in arranging and conducting funerals with the utmost care and respect, Jake along with his colleague, Chris Pinfield now lead the day-today running of the business. Gaunts of Wollaston is a member of National Association of Funeral Directors, SAIF Independent Funeral Directors, Selected Independent Funeral Homes, Birmingham Funeral Directors Guild, and The British Institute of Embalmers. It has also been rated one of ThreeBestRated.co.uk Funeral Directors in Sandwell, and in 2019 won Family Business of the Year at the Express & Star awards. This is all thanks to its qualified, long-standing, hardworking, and dedicated professionals who are always on hand to answer questions and help with any requirements or requests. The team prides themselves on their attention to detail and making sure that every single funeral is carried out to the highest standard, just as the individual and their family want it. Indeed, personalisation is a big necessity for many clients when it comes to funeral arrangements, with families now having a lot more choice when it comes to elements such as personal music, video tributes, personalised order of service, dove releases, and alternative funeral transport. Gaunts of Wollaston offers a range of transportation for the funeral cortege, from an immaculate fleet of Jaguar XJ hearse and limousines, to a prestigious horse drawn carriage in either black, white or grey, led by a team of matching two or four horses. For those who are looking to be transported in style, options include a Harley Davidson; Suzuki Hayabusa; Triumph Bonneville; or Thunderbird hearse with secure sidecar to safely carry the coffin. The funeral directors can also arrange something a bit different if requested, such as a London route master bus; traditional Rolls Royce; flatbed lorries; VW campervan; trike; or coloured hearse. Being Midlands-based, the funeral directors can serve a wide community from all backgrounds. It is proud to be based in the Black Country and is honoured to be trusted by local families’ loved ones time and time again. Its locations across the boroughs enable it to offer a wide choice of crematoriums, cemeteries, churches, and places of worship, too. Particularly since the pandemic, Gaunts of Wollaston has seen an increase in funerals, with people holding remembrance services for those who sadly passed away during the pandemic and perhaps didn’t receive the funeral that their families would have wanted due to restrictions. Jake and his team have now been working hard to ensure clients get the closure they need and memorial service their loved ones deserve.

Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 | 15 Funeral Directors of the Year 2022 However, for those who are looking to sort their own funeral in advance in order to take some of the heartache off their loved ones, Gaunts of Wollaston offers pre-paid funeral arrangements which enable them to personalise their funeral wishes, with expert advice available from their funeral director. The individual can rest assured that their wishes will be fulfilled with nothing extra to pay by their family when the time comes. Payments can be made in full or spread over 12 months. Ultimately, Gaunts of Wollaston always live up to its promises, as shown through its recent success in the Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022, and a five-star rating on its Facebook page. A kind, sympathetic and respectful service is just what a client needs when they are going through one of the hardest times in their life. Speaking about their experience of a Gaunts of Wollaston funeral, one client commented, “Myself and the family would like to say a big thank you to Chris and the team for arranging the perfect farewell for our mother. They helped us every step of the way by answering questions and pointing us in the right direction, making this very difficult time as easy as possible, and so we decided to book with them. Thank you again to such a caring and professional team. I would definitely recommend their services.” Another client said, “At a very difficult time, Chris went above and beyond the call of duty. He showed kindness and compassion throughout. Gaunts offer a very personal and professional service. We can’t recommend them enough and thank them for everything.” Someone else shared their experience, “To Chris, It really has been a pleasure arranging my sister’s funeral with you. You really are a compassionate guy and a true gent. The flowers you arranged were beautiful and much cheaper than I expected, so I highly recommend your florist. The horse and carriage was absolutely beautiful and with you recommending the colour too was a great choice, I’m glad I went with it.” “After sadly losing my mom I chose to use Gaunts of Wollaston for her funeral, they have been wonderful from the start , they made a very sad time in our lives more bearable by being very compassionate, caring and understanding of our needs, they was very patient and was more than happy to explain what needed to be done every step of the way, I have never fortunately had to use a funeral directors in the past but if I needed to in the future I would go no where other than Gaunts, the whole service has been exceptional but especially Jake who I had the most dealings with, he always put us at ease and took a lot of the stress and worry away from us, which at such a difficult time us a family needed, we felt fully supported from start to finish and the price we paid was very reasonable for the service we received. I would highly recommend them. Thank you to the whole team.” Contact: Jake Gaunt or Chris Pinfield Email: chris@wollastonfunerals.co.uk Website: www.wollastonfunerals.co.uk

16 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 Aug22116 Education Institution Business Support Provider of the Year 2022 Over the past couple of years, the education system has dealt with several hurdles, including the outbreak of Covid-19. Such challenges have stressed the need for extra support for schools – this is where Services4Schools comes in. The organisation aids schools through compliance with regulations, wellbeing support for staff, and it has plans in place for a project that will streamline the recruitment process. Services4Schools is a unique company that offers a diverse range of award-winning, professional business and educational support solutions to schools, academies, and multi-academy trusts across the United Kingdom. Moreover, through its work, Services4Schools enables such institutions to achieve operational excellence and efficiency. Driven by a passion for education and a deep understanding of the pressures and challenges within the industry, the organisation helps its customers flourish, freeing up schools’ valuable time so that they can get back to what’s most important – providing students with a premium education. The company – which is comprised of specialists within Business and Leadership Support – helps to alleviate the worry surrounding school management. Thanks to its team of experts, Services4Schools is equipped to provide advice, reassurance, and operational support in a multitude of areas, including mental health and wellbeing for school staff, finance, human resources, governance and data management. Additionally, expert guidance is available on legal compliance and financial and technical aspects of setting up a free school. Services4Schools is, in essence, a one-stop shop for extensive specialist support. Such services have been designed with the company’s core values in mind – an area of business that Services4Schools simply does not compromise on. It is committed to its core values, which it believes will make life EASIER for its clients’ schools. EASIER – meaning Excellence, Adaptable, Schools, Integrity, Efficiency, Relationships – is the acronym for the organisation’s values, summing them up in a succinct and concise manner. These values serve as a fundamental part of Services4Schools’ structure, as they shape its culture and guide its thinking, defining the essence of the company. Of course, these values also play a daily role in the company’s operations, guiding it through its daily communications with its clients. Services4Schools’ clientele is highly diverse, with clients stemming from urban, suburban, and rural communities, and this has subsequently opened the company up to a variety of needs which, it states, has allowed it to provide a greater depth and added value to its support offers. Henceforth, Services4Schools embodies client-centricity, ensuring that its services are valuable, adaptable, and bespoke. It is able to work on-site, remotely, or through a blended approach, and it is willing to work outside of normal hours in order to aid its customers in accessing the best outcomes for the children. There is an abundance of ‘behind the scenes’ work that takes place to support excellent teaching and learning environments, including the employment of Chief Operating Officers, Finance Directors, and School Business Managers, and many opt to onboard support through organisations such as Services4Schools. This extra support has the ability to drastically improve a learning environment. For example, Services4Schools’ financial support helps to maximise and stretch the available funds, which means they can be utilised to bolster students’ learning. The list of its offerings is extensive; however, one thing is certain, a child will flourish in an environment where they feel safe and supported, and Services4Schools is ensuring that this is the case in schools across the nation. Much of this support comes from the passionate team who share the organisations enthusiasm about enhancing the outcomes of the UK’s children and young people. Full training is provided to each staff member, so, whilst qualifications are important, Services4Schools seeks out those who are creative, dedicated, and fit in with the company’s ethos. The team it has created has been implemented with its customers in mind – it wants to provide them with up-to-date guidance and the best possible advice. In recent times, however, this mission has become increasingly difficult due to a number of additional external pressures. The Covid-19 pandemic had, and continues to have, a significant impact on the education system. Not only did schools have to undertake added precautions, but they then had to deal with the logistics of providing cover for isolating staff and providing catch-up learning so that children’s education was somewhat protected from the turbulence. After over two years of disruptions, this phase is continuing, and it is expected that it will for some time. This period has emphasised the importance of Services4Schools’ work. Consequently, over the next year, Services4Schools will be furthering the development of its services in order to continue meeting the ever-changing needs of educational institutions. On top of this, Services4Schools will be strengthening its partnership with FEPS. Through this partnership, the team will be designing an exciting piece of software, FACE-Ed, which will help schools with their recruitment processes and guarantee recruitment compliance. This tool will fulfil a plethora of services, such as posting adverts, streamlining the shortlisting process, and providing support through DBS checks and references. In effect, FACE-Ed will revolutionise the way schools hire team members. Contact: Debbie Percival Company: Services4Schools Ltd (S4S) Web Address: https://www.services4schools.org.uk/