Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

28 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 a high budget doesn’t necessarily equal high quality and employs multiple methods, practices, and ideas to create elevated projects that exceed its clients’ expectations. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted that the video and content creation industry is still growing, as are businesses and individuals’ need for video production. YouNeek Productions keeps its finger on the pulse to ensure those who seek assistance can find expert results through its works. The business also prides itself on adherence to its values of kindness, passion for creativity and production, creativity, and boldness. It places a lot of interest in its employees’ and clients’ lives – and interests – to build a great rapport and understanding from the beginning. It wants its clients to trust it, understand the process that it can offer, and be able to build something long-term. It always wants to deliver beyond expectations, and each member representing YouNeek Productions does all the above. In terms of its plans, YouNeek Productions will shortly launch a new training programme in which The scale, style, and delivery of video marketing and content have changed forever, with the current and next generation holding very different expectations on how it will and will not be advertised. Modern businesses must consider these changes to remain relevant and reach their customers. Companies like YouNeek Productions exist to support organisations through this process with passion and efficiency. YouNeek Productions is an awardwinning video production company, experts in creating engaging, digitally focused content. It combines 30 years of TV and Film industry experience with over a decade of digital marketing knowhow; where even its directors have BAFTA and Royal Television Society awards to its name, it is uniquely primed to take its customer’s business, event, or brand to the next level. When it comes to video production, there’s very little that it doesn’t do. Whether it’s event or live production, promotional videos, documentary, live streaming, aerial coverage, animation, training, photography, or social videos YouNeek Productions’ customers need help with, it is well equipped to provide. Whether it’s an architecture company, clothing start-up business, or anything between or beyond, YouNeek Productions brings its suite of skills and expertise and uses them to maximum effect. It works across all industries with storytelling at the heart of its practices; YouNeek Productions delivers a peerless, tailor-made experience whatever the project or clientele. Not only does it offer full-service video production, but it can also help its customers make the most of its content across digital and social platforms. YouNeek Productions recognises that the need for content from both a consumer and a business perspective is enormous – the explosion of platforms like TikTok and the continued success of YouTube is proof. Even videos that aren’t produced professionally, but are highly reactive and creative, can pool enormous audiences over broad demographics. As such, YouNeek Productions works to balance its customers’ ambitions with their budget, bringing their ideas to life with enthusiasm, passion, and style to compete with even the most viral videos. It understands better than most that Most Engaging Video Production Company – West Midlands Jul22235 its talented, award-winning directors and the team will deliver expert online training modules to amateurs, students and any other individual or group that wants to learn more about video production through planning to edit. It also plans to grow its team in line with its ambitions to handle script development projects for broadcast TV and to become one of the UK’s most recognised creative production agencies. It is working up to larger brand projects with TV advertising productions alongside its name. The rest of 2022 will see progress on all the above as YouNeek Productions hunts for further opportunities to express its team’s incredible creativity and reach greater heights. Clients seeking expert advice or services in video and content production should consider the Most Engaging Video Production Company in the West Midlands as a top choice. Contact: Luke Evans Company: YouNeek Productions Ltd Web Address: www.youneekproductions.co.uk