Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

53 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 provide the top-notch service Hybrid Media Education is known for. During the pandemic, ICT in schools took a far more crucial role in delivering and interacting with education – it helped several schools by providing a wide range of options to deliver lessons remotely (such as Google Workspace for Education, Microsoft 365 etc.) This was a massive opportunity for Hybrid Media Education. It found multiple schools and educational facilities needing guidance on how to integrate appropriately and a swathe of thirdparty apps that many teachers had never used before, let alone to handle a lesson—rising to the occasion to provide prompt, easy-to-digest information and training to set up schools with the tools and knowledge to keep teaching. It found multiple schools and educational facilities needing guidance on how to integrate appropriately using a swathe of third-party apps. As a result, many schools – including previous clients – have started using devices within the classroom to allow students to research more into a specific topic and provide a more collaborative approach to discussions and learning. All thanks to Hybrid Media Education setting the stage and providing not just the knowledge but the confidence to take this next step in modernising education. Technology in schools is something that has already occurred, with tablets and laptops moving in to replace workbooks. There are specialist apps – designed to enhance learning in a variety of ways – popping up daily and Hybrid Media Education has its fingers on the pulse of change and innovation. For its variety of services and passion for assisting schools in implementing them, its award for the Best Education Sector IT Support Company 2022 in the West Midlands is well-earned, and we expect to see it continue in the future. Technology, including apps and devices, has an ever-increasing presence in schools across the country. No matter how familiar one may be with tech, there are always things to learn and more efficient and cost-effective ways of doing things. This is precisely what Hybrid Media Education looks to help people with. From day-to-day IT operations to providing IT Training to utilise third-party platforms better. Hybrid Media Education (Hybrid Media Interactive) is an IT support company for the education sector. It provides various services and free services to help teachers and school staff utilise technology most efficiently. It offers website design, IT support, and other consultancy services to several primary schools and MultiAcademy Trusts – all in the Coventry area. It is very personable and approachable, no matter how big or small the job is, Hybrid Media Education prides itself on giving an honest, transparent service. One thing that differentiates Hybrid Media Education from its contemporaries is that it has zero stakes in any third-party services it may recommend to its clients. It offers an entirely unbiased opinion on anything and everything it suggests and ensures its clients receive the best possible cost on products/services. In this respect, Hybrid Media Education’s goal is to put money back into the hands of the clients it works with – in a way that fits them, saves them money, and suits them better than any alternative. When the team approaches a new project, it investigates what its clients want to achieve and seeks out alternative solutions or provides training on how to use its existing services better. As a result, it saves schools roughly £2,000 to £3,000 a year on average,. This is money that can then be invested in developing the curriculum or providing other more essential needs. This aligns with its company culture of encouraging a helpful and open atmosphere and dialogue. Its team is always open to new ideas for processes, procedures, and ideas to bring high energy to every job and client. As not all clients are the same, each of its requirements and projects are bespoke and encourages all employees to bring their fresh ideas, experiences, and extensive professional development to Best Education Sector IT Support Company 2022 – West Midlands Jun22399 Contact: Chris Law Company: Hybrid Media Interactive Web Address: https://hybridmedia.io