Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

58 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 milestones along the way. MKKF’s green credentials also allow its clients to achieve this renewed growth with environmentally responsible efforts that increase their personal online footprint whilst reducing their overall carbon footprint. Thus, what it offers its clients is twofold. One, it offers a better and more effective way to reach its market segment, allowing it to make an intrapersonal and in-depth connection to As one of the UK’s foremost digital marketing agencies and having made a name for itself across its region of the East Midlands, MKKF has devoted itself to sustainable, environmentally focused, and diligent efforts that centre people and planet as the heart of its operations. Its mission is to deliver creativity, efficiency, and engagement, and it has been achieving this with its impeccable ability to deliver a personable, conscientious, and responsible service that its clients’ market segments will be drawn towards. Working with businesses and individuals both, MKKF’s digital marketing allows a client to put their best foot forward in their market segment. When working with them, the level of focus, tenacity, and positivity applied to its processes work to guide a client through the muddy waters of digital marketing with ease and sophistication, paving the way towards greater heights of success, incorporating actionable Best Carbon-Neutral Digital Agency - East Midlands Jul22245 them that will ensure engagement, interest, and brand loyalty – all things that are necessary for a future of healthy growth – and two, it makes itself a partner to their sustainability efforts. It therefore makes sustainability efforts an intrinsic part of corporate growth, showing its partners, stakeholders, and peers the extent to which a green approach can be incorporated into any business structure. Passionate, people-driven, and personable, it strives to improve its own environmental progress as well as that of its clients. Thanks to this dedication, it can provide the best brand identity, online security, web design, social media, and online reputation building services without sacrificing the corporate environmental responsibility that it has made a throughline for its business. With the increased importance of a good online footprint due to the growth in digital markets after the pandemic, it is pleased to say that it is in higher demand than ever and will be using this as a springboard to greater success in the future. Proud to be serving the businesses of the Midlands with its market leading new innovations, its well-equipped and highly dedicated staff each make the process a delight to be a part of from start to finish. From the very first consultation, their hard work and tenacity makes a client feel welcome, heard, and seen. This ensures that its efforts are not just sustainable, but also personable, resulting in digital marketing and strategy that perfectly encapsulates the message the client wants to send their customers. Thus, extending a thank you to each employee who makes this possible, MKKF is excited for the bright future that is surely ahead, encouraging clients to ‘stay tuned’ for further updates. Company: MKKF Contact: Matej Kapinaj Website: https://mkkf.co.uk/