Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

60 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 Indeed, client-centricity is at the epicentre of DWH’s ethos. Every project the company works on receives the same amount of investment and creativity, and during that time, the company does research on the brand, the industry in which it operates, the client’s target market, and the competition. Moreover, DWH strives to be adaptable. As a result, the company has become incredibly popular, and has attracted multiple high-profile clients. The company’s excellence is reflected in the abundance of positive client testimonies. For example, Ali Richards of Purple Tree Coaching states, ‘having worked with Dave in the past on brand design, he was first choice for my new branding. Dave quickly grasped the creative task and delivered brilliantly. Not only do I now have my logo and collateral, but DWH exceeded my expectations by delivering additional creative work outside of the brief and still within budget. A real pleasure to work with - highly recommended. Thanks Dave & DWH!’ Your brand’s marketing should aim to capture the imagination of your audience – it should engage, inspire, and captivate. DWH Design Limited is known for its expressive and creative solutions, which it provides to companies of all sizes. DWH assists its clients in engaging their audiences and expressing their brands’ narratives. It is equipped to support the success of its clients’ businesses as it boasts a wide range of creative design services, marketing plans, and web design experiences, which it utilises to help start-ups, charities, FTSE 100 companies, and more, to flourish. DWH promises to deliver regardless of the project’s size or budget. The company’s primary offerings include anything from traditional creative design and artwork services to creating engaging user experiences for websites and mobile applications. Additionally, DWH offers copywriting, web development, social media management, and strategic marketing services. Over the past 18 months, DWH’s services have expanded. The company has added video editing, animation, 3D modelling, and PPC marketing. ‘Our team has been working with many businesses in a wide variety of sectors for over 20 years. In the six years that DWH has been trading, we have managed to gain, retain, and nurture the relationships we have with our clients. The main reason for this is that we are passionate about building brands for our clients, and we treat every business we work with equally, no matter what the size of the business,’ writes David Huskison, the company’s Founder and Creative Director. Most Client-Focused Creative Design Agency - West Midlands & Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 Jul22212 ‘Our team has been working with many businesses in a wide variety of sectors for over 20 years. DWH Design Limited Much of the company’s success stems from its small team that are talented, professional, and dedicated to evolving. They are creative and innovative – the team strives to provide a fresh perspective on creative design, and they consistently bring new ideas to the table. DWH seeks individuals who possess a raw, natural skill and assists them in developing that talent. No matter how much experience an individual has, DWH believes that they can always learn something new. DWH has had the chance to submit proposals for several fascinating and unusual projects, primarily through the use of its branding and marketing consulting services. The company has benefited greatly from this momentum and is leveraging this demand to expand its overall services, which it will continue to expand over the next few years. Contact: David Huskison Company: DWH Design Limited Web Address: dwhcreative.com