SME News N East Enterprise Awards 2017

10 SME NEWS / North East Enterprise Awards 2017 , Imvelo is an experienced Environmental Consultancy and Training provider, offering environmental advice and guidance tomeet the growing demands of sustainable business practices across a range of industries. We invited Tamma Carel to tell us more about the company and discuss its recent achievements. Best Environmental Training Consultancy - Newcastle Upon Tyne Imvelo provides dedicated mentoring and business support with a bespoke approach, which enables businesses to make sustainable environmental decisions that align with pressing commercial needs. Tamma is keen to highlight what helps Imvelo to stand out amongst its competitors. Looking after the environment is a priority of the company but Tamma also explains how she can provide support in many other services. “It can be said that Imvelo stands out because it links sustainability in business with environmental needs. So not only will I advise on direct environmental issues such as natural resource requirements and waste management, I can support with staff engagement, financial savings and business resilience planning. It is a wonderful opportunity for businesses to be legally and environmentally sound, become more cost efficient, and do something altruistic at the same time. I think businesses have the opportunity and ability to affect change, something future generations will value highly.” Regarding the region the firm is based in, Tamma notes that environmentally sustainable systems are capable of being achieved, however Imvelo is vital in this process, as it ensures businesses are keeping up with environmental regulations. “The North East is capable of achieving environmentally sustainable systems, however, the access to materials and knowledge needed is not easily available. Imvelo ensures businesses are up-to-date with national and international legislation - this makes the North East a feasible attraction for further business from at home and abroad, and adds to the work these businesses have put in to build themselves positive reputations, some of them for over a century.” Adapting to any developments and advances is integral to continuing Imvelo’s success. The firm is well placed to acclimatise to these changes, particularly with science and technology becoming a key part of keeping a clean environment, as Tamma concludes. “In the future, the advancement of science and technology is going to be the key catalyst for change, and Imvelo will evolve with this development. That means using the right tools and relevant knowledge so that businesses can flourish. Additionally, business strategy is constantly moving in this field so it’s finding the best fit for sustainability.” NEA17005