SME News N East Enterprise Awards 2017

6 SME NEWS / North East Enterprise Awards 2017 , “The work ethic of the North-East people is something to be very proud of. The developments and up and coming business opportunities in the North of England that we are seeing is very encouraging. Being a local business, supporting local clients and developing the people in the area achieves our vision of enriching the lives of our people by being the best at what we do. “Fundamentally, regardless of region, our business is all about people, helping to develop, encourage and supporting them through difficult times. Labour is the highest cost for most businesses, where people are their brand, reputation and ultimately their profitability. RMS’ values, vision, strategy and mission statement support businesses looking to achieve greater success with a highly skilled workforce.” Ultimately, the future for RMS revolves around continuing to support candidates and businesses alike to create a workforce fit for the modern jobs market, as Carole proudly concludes. “Wherever there is people, there is opportunity. We seem to have lost the opportunity for young people to choose a more vocational path, and for it to be recognised as a valid and skilled way to move into the future workplace. “Not every child has an academic inclination, meaning they may have skills and talents that do not come out via an academic route. Employers should work alongside schools, in partnership, by mentoring pupils and offering scalable platforms in order to engage, develop and transform their skills. In this forum, they are given structured training by employers, alongside the general and vocational education they receive. “As such, moving forward our ongoing focus here at RMS is to continue to develop long term business partnerships with existing and up and coming companies who are looking for a HR & Recruitment business to work transparently and seamlessly with their organisation to grow and develop our people, as well as being profitable. Working alongside our engineering partners we are excited and enthusiastic about the growth and expansion in the renewable energy markets. This is another area of growth, process and people development where together we can achieve success. “Overall, I believe that this would instil a strong work ethic, and support a reduction in the skills shortage. Ensuring the younger generation are job ready, hungry and committed, this would help organisations to develop and continually grow in the future.”