Northern Enterprise Awards 2019

4 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2019 A young entrant to the market, Optimum Pay Group was formed to provides fully compliant, unrivalled services for recruitment agencies and contractors. In celebration of this vibrant and innovative firm’s success in this year’s Northern Enterprise Awards we profile it and share an insight into the secrets behind the phenomenal growth it has achieved in just two years. Best Payroll & Financing Services Provider 2019 Originally established when the Group CEO was let down by an outsourced payroll provider, Optimum was designed with this personal experience in mind. When they first began the group, the senior team were keen to craft a company that could provide the exceptional standard of service clients needed. Both quality payroll services and great customer service are needed to ensure that clients feel supported throughout the process, and this was Optimum’s core focus from the start. Today the company offers every type of compliant payroll solution within the UK and globally. These solutions include PAYE, CIS, Joint-Employment, Accountancy and umbrella. The group’s global arm is now payrolling over 42 countries across the world. These services are provided to a variety of clients who range from leading recruitment agencies, to world-wide fashion brands. If a company needs to pay their staff, the Optimum team can help them and provide them with innovative solutions that will meet their individual requirements. Jul19353