Northern Enterprise Awards 2019

6 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2019 Whilst the group has grown exponentially over the years since it first began, its mission has not changed: to form and sustain a compliant payroll company that can help any company in the world that needs assistance in payroll. No matter where or what type of payroll, Optimum has a compliant model that will take the burden away from employers. This is what the true meaning of outsourced should be in the workplace, to fully outsource the workload and not be worried, and this is the group’s speciality. The firm’s expert team will always work hard to perfect this process, as there will always be changes with taxes across the world, but the mission stays the same, offering compliant payroll solutions that take all the burden away. Such support is vital for many SMEs, which do not have the internal resources to achieve compliance and efficiency in their payroll. In the international payroll market currently, compliance is key. With IR35, VAT and many other factors coming into place, transparency in the payroll is key to success. No longer do employers just trust a payroll provider to pay their staff and just ‘presume’ it will be done correctly, transparency is key. Whist there are many outsourced payroll providers on the market today, it is Optimum’s transparency and dedication to client service that set it apart and mark the group out as the best possible partner for a variety of clients throughout the corporate landscape. Being headquartered in the North of the UK, which boasts a thriving business community, has propelled Optimum to the international success it enjoys today, and as such the group is proud to be based in this dynamic region. It firmly believes that the North will remain a key centre of growth for the UK’s economy over the years ahead. Keen to support the Northern business market, Optimum has recent sponsorship agreements in place with Nantwich town FC and Uttoxeter Racecourse, and the group is looking forward to seeing them grow and enjoy the success with them too. Over the coming years, the introduction of the new high-speed train line and investing additional funding will drive massive growth in employment for the North. This will inevitably lead to the growth of payroll services in the region, and Optimum is keen to be there for its clients and help potential and existing businesses to achieve efficiency in this vital space. Ultimately, the future looks bright for Optimum as the group seeks to grow even further and support a wider range of clients, providing them with its award- winning payroll solutions and allowing them to carry on running their business safe in the knowledge that Optimum has their payroll covered. Company: Optimum Pay Group Name: Carl Boulton Address: Crewe Business Park, Gawsworth House, Westmere Drive, Crewe, CW1 6XB Telephone Number: 02039624212 Web Address: