Northern Enterprise Awards 2020

15 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2020 Nov20215 Best Premium Optician Practice - North West Situated in Clayton Le Woods, Chorley EyeCare Opticians is an award-winning, independent optician that aims to deliver the best possible eye care for clients of all ages. Run by a team of highly trained and experienced optometrists, EyeCare seeks to provide ideal solutions that suit the unique and varied lifestyles of every client, ensuring that their vision and eye care does not compromise their standard of living. EyeCare knows that every client and their needs are different and their comprehensive services are tailored accordingly. As an independent provider, the team at EyeCare is able to ensure continuity in their customer service, making sure that their clients visit the same optometrist every time and know that they have their best interests at heart. In order to deliver the highest standards in care, all of EyeCare’s optometrists regularly review and update their skills and knowledge so that they are able to deliver relevant and effective care and advice. This is enhanced by the optician’s use of cutting-edge technology to carry out complete health checks for their clients’ eyes, which are more susceptible to systemic conditions than any other body part. With EyeCare’s digital retinal photography, the optician is able to view and monitor any potential sight-threatening eye conditions before symptoms appear. This includes signs of diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol, which all affect thousands of people across the UK but, with early detection, can be minimised more effectively. EyeCare is also able to recognise vision issues in children, who seldom complain about their sight but often show signs such as frustration when reading, frequently rubbing their eyes and blinking, and skipping whole lines of text when reading. EyeCare has designed a range of specialised tests for children that helps to diagnose any potential problems and come up with a solution that is of no detriment to their active lifestyles. Consequently, EyeCare offers a wide range of adults and children’s frames to suit all budgets and styles that are sourced from specialist suppliers who guarantee high quality. Whether clients want to be professional, fashionable or simply practical, EyeCare’s selection of designer frames and sunglasses can accommodate every taste. For those who would rather not wear frames, EyeCare is able to provide contact lens options which they discuss during a free consultation and trial to ensure that their customers are satisfied. It is thanks to the optician’s comprehensive customer service that EyeCare was named in the top three opticians in Chorley three years running, having first won the award in 2018 then again in 2019 and most recently in 2020. During the same year EyeCare also won the Best Premium Optician Practice - North West at the Northern Enterprise Awards 2020. Driven by this success, EyeCare continues to grow and improve in order to consistently deliver excellence in eye care for their loyal customers. Company: Chorley Eyecare Ltd Website: Chorley EyeCare Opticians is an independent optician committed to delivering the highest standards in eye care and customer service for clients and their families. Using cutting-edge technology and employing vast expertise and skills, EyeCare’s team of opticians are able to guarantee the best possible solutions for each of their clients in Chorley and beyond.