Northern Enterprise Awards 2020

20 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2020 Oct20783 Best Food Packaging Enterprise 2020 From what used to be a simple means of protecting our food and keeping it fresh, the food packaging industry has evolved immensely and plays a much more important role in showcasing a brands identity and increasing product sales. In todays world, consumers are much more interested in the packaging design, nutritional labelling and environmental impact and brands need to interact in a positive and informative way to get their products noticed. Setting a precedent in the dairy and food packaging industry is Parkers Packaging Ltd, a UK family run manufacturing company based in the county of Merseyside. Their primary focus is to support the ice-cream and dairy industry with innovative and exciting packaging solutions and their clients range from diversified farmers, SME dairy producers as well as multi-national food groups. No matter the size or the requirements of the client, Parkers Packaging Ltd is able to offer a comprehensive range of packaging that showcases its true potential. As a fourth-generation family owned business, the company pride themselves on maintaining long term relationships with their customers and help them grow and evolve in a competitive market. Being a manufacturer in the North West has many advantages for Parkers Packaging Ltd, with excellent transport links to both Liverpool and the Manchester area. According to the Business growth Hub manufacturing output in the North West was worth more than £28 billion last year with around 350,000 people employed in the region. Despite their recent success, 2020 has been a challenging year for Parkers Packaging Ltd. Not only have they had Brexit to contend with, but the global pandemic has also put additional pressure on the company to maintain supply chains and to continue to serve customer demand. The company has made substantial changes throughout the year by offering clients different packaging to reflect the changes to their selling environment. In addition to this, they have also made the decision to shift focus from compostable packaging to recyclable packaging, following the growing realisation that the UK doesn’t currently have the infrastructure to realise the benefits of compostable goods. As consumers shift more towards online purchases, Parkers Packaging Ltd has relaunched their already successful website. The new website features better usability, ease of purchase as well as having a fresh new look. From start-ups to established companies, packaging can be ordered quickly and efficiently at any time. Although the future still holds a certain degree of uncertainty for UK businesses, Parkers Packaging Ltd are excited to drive the business forward in 2021, with plans to invest in more paper cup and lid production lines and acquiring another injection moulding facility to expand their presence in the seafood markets. With a strong focus on the company’s environmental responsibility, Parkers Packaging Ltd also has plans to electrify their transport fleet allowing them to reduce their carbon footprint. Ultimately, Parkers Packaging Ltd has a strong market presence and reputation and this helps to drive continuous growth for this motivated and innovative company. They will continue to meet the changing needs of the food packaging industry, and indeed remain committed to building long and fruitful relationships with their clients. Company: Parkers Packaging Ltd Contact: Andrew Parker Website: Since its inception in 1952, Parkers Packaging Ltd has been a family owned business and is one of the UK’s fastest growing manufacturers of injection moulded and paper board food packaging for the dairy and food industry. As a major supplier of recyclable packaging, Parkers Packaging is dedicated to the reduction of waste and ensuring its products are sustainable and gentle on the environment. As winners in this year’s Northern Enterprise Awards, we profile the firm to find out more. “We treat customers as we would like to be treated understanding the pressures and challenges that they face and working together to overcome them.”