Northern Enterprise Awards 2020

7 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2020 Best Subsea Power & Control Technology Supplier 2020 Established in 1971 by Professor Alan Reece of the University of Newcastle, SMD is an award- winning advanced global designer, manufacturer and supplier of subsea remotely operated and autonomous power and control solutions. Equipped with fifty years of experience in subsea engineering, the Wallsend-based, family-run business has grown into one of the largest subsea manufacturers in the world, with a fully- fitted workshop in North Tyneside and a 7200m² facility in the heart of Shanghai that has facilitated the global expansion of the local enterprise. Alongside seven world-first projects, SMD were pioneers of the first subsea plough in 1983, a piece of apparatus that is today widely recognised as the most effective means of cable burial. Today, SMD employs its expansive industry knowledge as specialists in subsea trenching, submerged mining and vessel deck equipment and work-class ROVS, of which SMD boasts the largest range on the market. The firm also provides a wide range of subsea components through the Curvetech brand, which provides integrated solutions for subsea and marine applications that are cost-effective and reliable. Already leading the market with their extensive collection of products and services, SMD is continuing to broaden its capabilities over the coming year with the launch of three exciting products. First is the Artemis Cable Tracker, a revolutionary subsea cable and pipe tracking technology that has been proven to significantly outperform the next best solution; the Quantum EV and the Atom EV, two new models of electric ROVs that are an update on traditional ROVs which will save money for clients and are less harmful to the environment; finally, the Shallow Water Trencher, which allows users to dig trenches to lay cables and pipes in shallow water areas which traditional large ploughs and trenches are unable to do. SMD’s service-led approach enables its clients to secure flexible, effective and efficient solutions, which the SMD team will drive forward throughout the full operational lifecycle of any asset. Whether it be in project and design engineering, as a dedicated offshore team, 24/7 operational and engineering support, intelligent spares support, asset management or for OEM training for any subsea asset, the SMD team delivers excellence in service for clients and their assets. The firm also provides a refurbishment, modification and upgrade (RMU) service that allows clients to maximise lifetime returns on their assets, providing upgrades of all sizes and complexity without hassle. To further maximise these assets, clients are able to make use of Sentio, SMD’s digital technology that creates a cutting-edge synthetic environment for operational planning, mission rehearsal, design verification and validation, and personnel training. These two advanced and vital resources make protecting and boosting their assets even easier for all SMD clients. However SMD helps their clients, they are driven by a core set of values: Respect and Honesty, a Passion for Excellence, Partnership with Customers and a Commitment to Safety and Quality. Having achieved global expansion of the past fifty years with these philosophies at its heart, they continue to be the driving force for the team as they look ahead to how they can use their proven engineering experience to move forward, maintaining their position ahead of the competition. For instance, with the Oil and Gas industry that is traditionally a big point of investment being adversely affected by the price of oil, SMD is turning towards the offshore wind industry. A rapidly growing area with high growth potential, offshore wind is seeing more countries invest in this cleaner energy production method. Employing expertise accrued over fifty years, coupled with a passion for learning and developing, SMD will continue to evolve as pioneers of cutting-subsea technology for decades to come. Company: SMD Contact: Jordan Taylor Website: Nov20125 For fifty years, SMD has been an established player in the subsea engineering market, leading the way with ground- breaking technology such as the world’s first subsea plough. The family-run business from Wallsend, Tyneside has evolved into a global enterprise with facilities in Shanghai and a worldwide reputation for innovation in subsea remotely operated and autonomous power and control solutions. We dug a little deeper into the historic yet simultaneously forward-thinking company.