Northern Enterprise Awards 2021

12 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2021 Oct21142 Best Door-to-Door Leaflet Distribution Service Provider - North East Newcastle based company, Swift Advertising NE Ltd, have been distributing leaflets across the North East since 2014. With its local knowledge and ethical, sustainable business practices customers know their advertising campaign is in safe hands. We spoke to the company director, Jason Dent, to find out more. Swift Advertising NE Ltd is a door- to-door leaflet distribution company covering Newcastle, Gateshead, Durham, Sunderland, Darlington, Hartlepool, South Tyneside, in fact, the whole of the North East region. On average the company distributes an astounding 25 million promotional leaflets per year. Swift Advertising works with a wide variety of clients from landscape gardeners to local councils and colleges. The aim of any advertising campaign is to get noticed. But even that isn’t always enough. Depending on the level of interest it generates, advertising can be either a great investment or a costly error. Grabbing the attention of your potential customers is essential. But how do you connect with your target market without spending unnecessary cash? Partnering with an experienced advertising company helps to identify the right strategy and avoid pitfalls. When considering how to spend your precious advertising budget there are a host of choices. Many consider digital marketing as an easy solution. Getting a digital campaign going may be easy, but getting the right people to notice it is another matter. When needing to advertise at a local level, the most effective method of getting noticed is still through leaflet distribution. Leaflets are able to reach audiences in volumes that technology still can’t. Since the invention of the printing press in the 1430s, printed materials have represented a compelling means of connecting with the general public. Leaflets feature heavily in recent history. They’ve been used to garner opinion and mobilise people into action for all manner of causes, from women’s rights campaigns to rallying the troops. In the 1950s, the advertising leaflet that we know so well today was born. Colourful, eye-catching designs and slogans heralded a new era in advertising. By the 1970s, businesses across the world were making use of this powerful and impactful means of advertising their products and services. Today, leafleting campaigns continue to be the perfect way to target potential audiences. They represent a cost-effective way to promote your business without breaking the bank. You decide which areas to target to elicit the best response. And you can customise your leaflet to stand out and appeal to your target market. They’re also quick and easy to produce. This makes them the perfect solution if you’re tight on time or want to launch a time-limited promotion. Swift Advertising is a one-stop-shop for all your leafleting needs. It provides a full design, print and distribution service under one roof. The professional design team works with clients to produce appealing promotional leaflets and flyers to maximise returns. The design and print service is cost-effective and compliments the distribution services the company offers. Swift Advertising offers two styles of independent distribution to its customers. Shared distribution is a fast, effective and affordable option, whilst their Solus service offers a one-leaflet drop helping customers to stand out from the crowd. Jason tells us, “Our experience in the sector means that we know what works. We know how to get the best results from your campaign, and we deliver results that offer a sound return on investment. Our campaigns are guaranteed to attract your customers’ full attention. You’ll reach a maximum target audience and achieve high levels of return in the most effective way possible.” The company offers the same levels of commitment, professionalism and value for money to every customer, big or small. The reputation of Swift Advertising is built on trust. Clients know that they can rely on its honest and friendly staff to deliver on their promises. For added peace of mind, Swift Advertising also operates an online tracking system ensuring all leaflets reach their destination. The dedicated team at Swift Advertising are highly experienced. They come together to make a strong and dynamic workforce of sales specialists, uniformed field operatives and support staff. Each team member is focused on delivering an elite level of customer service and after-sales care. Reflecting on recent times, Jason explains, “The pandemic has been a busy time for us. We’ve been distributing COVID-19 literature to households on behalf of the NHS and various local councils. With staff classed as keyworkers, Swift provided a vital communication solution for these organisations and the public. The commitment of our staff to working safely under demanding circumstances has been second to none.” When looking to recruit new staff the company looks for healthy, hardworking individuals who will enjoy feeling part of the Swift Advertising family. Looking to the future, Swift Advertising plans to continue providing a trusted, cost-effective, excellent service to new and existing clients and to strive to be the best in its field. Contact: Jason Dent Company: Swift Advertising NE Ltd Web Address: