Northern Enterprise Awards 2021

Northern Enterprise Awards 2021 | 15 Best Electronic Medical Records Solution Provider 2021 access to patient records throughout the pandemic. In the post Coronavirus world, whilst many people will go back to offices, many will also realise that they were wasting a lot of time travelling and adding to pollution, thus choosing to work remotely. “Remote work is the new normal,” Vijay elaborates. “Coronavirus is still an international threat, and all governments are seeking ways to minimise its spread and have issued dictates including stopping non-essential contact, working from home, stopping unnecessary travel, and social distancing. In the health sector, how can digital technologies help to reduce face-to-face contact to protect patients and staff and minimise the risk of Covid-19 infection. For example, a physical medical record is usually handled 12-18 times before, during and after a consultation, so how can we protect staff, and minimise chances for infection within a care delivery organisation?” Digital technologies such as CCube Solutions’ can help to minimise handling of physical notes and records to ensure that patient information is available at the point of need. It can support remote consultations and virtual clinics which are seen as crucial for reducing unnecessary outpatient visits, saving time and money for patients and the health service. Lastly, it can ensure that delivery of care to non-Covid patients can continue, to help avoid issues in the future and minimise revenue losses. Over the last few months, the company has been heavily involved in attaining certification for a number of ISO standards and compliance with Clinical Safety standard DCB 0129. “Certification for these standards means: we can demonstrate the high standards we comply with, on services we offer our existing, loyal, customers, including safeguarding their data held in our systems in the NHS; we can demonstrate the high standards we abide by, for prospective new customers who need assurances,” adds Vijay. CCube Solutions has also attained certification from BSI, for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, and ISO 27701. Most recently, the firm was awarded the prestigious accolade of Best Electronic Medical Records Solution Provider 2021 in the Northern Enterprise Awards, not only highlighting the dedication and commitment of the company to the NHS, but also cementing the fact that the digital approach is the way forward in a post- pandemic future. Contact: Vijay Magon Company: OITUK Limited trading as CCube Solutions Web Address: