Northern Enterprise Awards 2021

18 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2021 Oct21184 Funeral Directors of the Year 2021 - North East In the funerary industry, there is a certain reputation for exploitation and upselling that goes hand in hand with its operations. Go As You Please Funerals wishes to lead from the front in order to buck this trend, steadfastly reassuring its clients that it will only ever charge them for the services they wish to partake in, with an estimate being given upfront and a promise that there will be no hidden costs. Additionally, this funeral parlour is bringing higher levels of awareness to natural burial as an option, an eco-friendly service that allows families the freedom to grieve as they see fit, taking place in a beautiful meadow owned by the parlour. Go As You Please Funerals, a funeral parlour that puts the emphasis on looking after its families, encourages clients to shop around. Fundamentally, it believes above anything else that clients should always choose the funeral parlour that makes them the most comfortable, fits their budget, and that they feel they can put their trust in to care for their deceased loved one. Of course, Go As You Please Funerals provides this at every turn, but it wishes to show its clients its efficacy in doing so before they choose it to be their funeral parlour, stepping up to help them with every aspect of the funeral process from the initial consultation right through to the day itself. Essentially, it staunchly holds to a belief that a funeral should be a personal occasion. Due to this, it funnels significant effort into making itself a friend and point of support for the families it serves, working with the deceased’s nearest and dearest in order to put the person’s requirements for their after-death care into action. It will get to know the family it works with by approaching them with care, diligence, and empathy at every stage of the process, encouraging them to take their time and giving them any guidance that they may need in order to navigate the difficult and heavy task of laying a loved one to rest. Importantly, operating in this manner means that it will never try to upsell a client. It knows all too well that there is a penchant in its industry of funeral parlours trying to sell a client on more expensive caskets or urns, more lavish proceedings, and other extras, none of which are needed and all of which can be pedalled in a way that is by its very nature exploitative. Thus, it makes it known from the beginning of an interaction with a client that it will be working with them to keep the funeral completely within – and if possible, under – budget. It can provide an estimated cost over the phone that it will strive to stick to at every turn, with no hidden costs included and all charges for various services visible and transparently displayed on its website. Having been established in 2001, Go As You Please Funerals has cut its teeth on providing outstanding and attentive services that ensure every detail is given the deserved level of due diligence. Specifically, its funeral plans include its direct to crematorium option, which gives families the freedom to celebrate their loved one’s life in their own way and simply interact with the funeral home in order to usher their loved one through the cremation process. This is also ideal for those wishing to take out a pre-paid funeral plan, as it ensures that all essential costs are covered whilst others can be considered and acted upon at the time; the pre-paid option ensures that a family won’t be caught off guard with prices rising due to inflation. Moreover, Go As You Please Funerals also provides the option of natural burial. Taking place at its own natural burial ground, Seven Penny Meadow, this option still gives families that freedom and creativity when considering the care of their deceased loved one. With the ability to create a memorable celebration of their life amongst the people they were closest to, this eco- friendly solution is a beautiful and respectful way to say goodbye that is becoming more and more popular. Go As You Please Funerals can offer both attended and unattended burials at the meadow, as well as single or double full natural burials, and offers ash scattering services at this meadow too. Its eco funeral cremation is another simple yet effective package that Go As You Please Funerals offers to its families. In essence, this is a simple idea that allows the family to achieve a respectful, diligent, and well thought out solution that is still more environmentally friendly and budget friendly than a traditional funeral cremation, offering the family the choice between an eco-package with a basic cardboard coffin, an eco-package with a luxury cardboard coffin complete with handles and plumes, and even the option to upgrade to a hearse or limo. Of course, saying that, if the family still wishes to opt for a more traditional funerary cremation, that can be arranged. Its classic funeral plan allows a family to achieve something in-keeping with tradition, featuring a wood veneer coffin, hearse, and limousine as standard, carrying friends and family to the funeral Fundamentally, it believes above anything else that clients should always choose the funeral parlour that makes them the most comfortable, fits their budget, and that they feel they can put their trust in to care for their deceased loved one.