Northern Enterprise Awards 2021

20 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2021 Oct21170 Best Management Consulting Firm - Cheshire Morgan James Consulting was launched in 2001 with the intention of creating highly effective leaders with the ability to build successful businesses and develop their best assets – the people that work with them and for them. Their mission is to help every client find purpose in what they do, whilst helping them to develop the skills, behaviours and attributes to consistently deliver exceptional performance. They work with business leaders and managers to help them break through their emotional, behavioural and tactical boundaries and achieve outstanding results. In practical terms this is achieved through a series of signature bespoke programmes, workshops and one-to-one sessions. From their head office in Cheshire, Morgan James Consulting work with leaders from businesses of all shapes and sizes. As a consultancy, they have long recognised one of the biggest challenges leaders have to overcome in business and in life is to rid themselves of the scripts that tell us we’re not: “….clever enough, organised enough, funny enough, intelligent enough, wealthy enough or ‘anything’ enough to achieve what we feel we really could, if only we had the chance!” It’s true, many of us have the tendency to repeat those lifelong (and life-limiting) scripts in our heads that stop us from taking on a new challenge, taking our businesses to the next level or letting go of the past – to the extent that it threatens our present or future happiness and achievements. Morgan James Consulting recognises that 21st Century leaders are facing greater commercial pressures than at any time in history. Finding the balance between inspiring people; protecting profits; beating competitors and adapting to a continuously changing environment is a fine balancing act. Bespoke programmes delivered by handpicked specialists This is where the leadership development programmes of Morgan James Consulting and their team of hand-picked specialists come in. In their own words, the company doesn’t believe in “cookie cutter courses”. Instead, most of the programmes they deliver are designed specifically around the requirements of their customers following a detailed analysis of their business and their employees. Their aim is to help the businesses they work with to deliver on their goals, to create an exciting future, and to equip them with the tools needed to achieve their vision. These development programmes are regularly described by clients as: “highly interactive”, “results driven” and “life changing.” Programmes are delivered by the company’s carefully selected team of associates – each a highly respected expert in their field. Their laser-sharp insights and experience of helping to grow leaders in almost every industry puts them in a perfect position to help Morgan James Consulting’s clients. Collectively they have over 300 years of experience in the fields of: leadership; behavioural psychology; executive coaching; cultural change; mergers and acquisitions; finance; HR and talent management; project management; PR and communications. One of the business’ key differentiators is that the associate team members are not just academically qualified subject matter experts, but also have a proven track record in transforming businesses, starting businesses and growing businesses in ‘the real world’. A values-based business Regardless of the programme or who it is being delivered by, the values of Morgan James Consulting are central to everything they do. The company’s values are: • Honesty and integrity: a belief that positive change can only occur if both parties are focussed and committed to delivering results. • Passion for giving the best and being the best: a commitment to helping individuals reach their full potential backed by a global network of experts in a wide range of fields. • Supporting and challenging those we work with: challenging their clients to become the disrupter rather than ‘the disrupted’ in a changing world. • Providing the tools for significant and lasting change: A commitment to share knowledge and tools to help customers grow. • Having fun in everything we do: With the average 35-year-old set to spend another 65,000 hours in work, Morgan James believes that fun and fulfilment should be at the heart of everyone’s working life. Making a difference These values are no more tangible than in the business’ commitment to giving back to their local and global community. This is an area where Morgan James Consulting’s Managing Director, Lily Newman, truly leads from the front, committing a minimum of 15% of the company’s resources to regional, national and global projects which make a significant difference. Examples include the charity Act4Africa, which Lily helped to found in 2000, with the aim to reduce poverty and transform communities in Uganda through health, education, agriculture and livelihood programmes. As part of this, Lily swam 21 miles during the summer of 2021 (the breadth of the English Channel) to fund emergency food supplies for adolescent mothers who were unable to work and in danger of starvation due to the Covid Pandemic in Uganda. Then there is Cakes of Kindness, a voluntary project set-up and run by Morgan James Consulting during the height of the Covid pandemic in 2020 – inspired by the viral video of critical care nurse, Dawn Bilborough, and her emotional plea to stop panic buying. In response Morgan James and their team of volunteer bakers collectively made and delivered 16,000 cakes to NHS staff and vulnerable people across