Northern Enterprise Awards 2021

24 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2021 Oct21823 Best Luxury Apartment Rental Business and Best Modern Boutique Accommodations Company 2021 Established as a modern and luxury lifestyle brand, The Jacksonheim Property Group has been recognised as the U.K.’s Best Modern Boutique and Accommodations Company and Luxury Apartment Rental Business in 2021 to bring style, comfort, and a unique vision to the marketplace. CEO and Founder Corin Craig Jackson began the business that is now The Jacksonheim Property Group in 2015, initially as both a personal investment strategy for Corin and a creative outlet for designing distinctive visual spaces. The award-winning Jacksonheim, most commonly known for its luxury serviced accommodation brand ‘The Jacksonheim Boutique’ was formally founded in 2019 and has seen immense growth over the past two years. Since its establishment, Jacksonheim has been highly regarded as one of the most inspiring and unique firms within the modern industry. As of 2021, the company comprises four vertically integrated businesses that aid in the success of the new, wider property group. The four pillars of Jacksonheim Property Group consist of Jacksonheim Boutique, Interiors by Jacksonheim, Jacksonheim Concierge, and Jacksonheim Invest. These businesses run successfully individually, but together they create one of the fastest-growing and most influential companies within the U.K real estate sector. It was the Jacksonheim Boutique’s ‘New York Boutique’ apartment that welcomed its first guests back in the winter of 2015. Corin Craig Jackson launched the Jacksonheim Property Group due to exhaustion from frequently staying in hotels during his experience as a senior salesperson in the FMCG industry. Initially, the Boutique was a means of showcasing luxurious and culturally inspired apartments to rent on a short and long-term basis in Manchester. Within the last 24 months, The Jacksonheim Property Group has developed a portfolio of 15 luxury city-centre apartments in Manchester city centre, with a further 8 buildings in the pipeline. Not only is this a significant milestone for Corin and his team, but it also sets a precedent for all upcoming projects as well as a high standard for expectations. Paying close attention to their surroundings, Jacksonheim Boutique properties pay homage to the city of Manchester and its lovable quirkiness. Despite each apartment boasting its own unique identity, the common thread of comfort and seamless luxury design is apparent across the board. Located in the city centre, The Jacksonheim Boutique encourages visitors to explore the arrondissements of Manchester and get lost in the city’s vibrant culture of music, art, football, and gin. All Jacksonheim apartments aim to provide a comfortable home-away-from-home vibe to guests, offering freedom and a space to connect in a relaxed environment. Whether they are staying for a short weekend city break or opting to rent somewhere for the month, Jacksonheim pledge to enhance their guests’ stay by going above and beyond. Jacksonheim is committed to creating living spaces of distinction within the historical buildings of Manchester by combining character with luxury and comfort. “Our commitment goes beyond crafting rare living spaces - it extends to improving living experiences by providing a safe environment, seamless access to services, frictionless transactions, whilst treating our friends and neighbours with respect. In doing so, we aim to deliver our business responsibly and sustainably,” states Corin. The addition of Interiors by Jacksonheim has allowed the company to utilise the extensive knowledge and industry experience to apply flawless design and efficient refurbishment to previously underwhelming homes. Jacksonheim Concierge has played a significant role in ensuring smooth and consistent front-of-house duties, paying close attention to guest needs, and going the extra mile to encourage customer retention. This pillar of the business effectively provides a full turnkey management solution interlinking with The Jacksonheim Boutique. As the industry slowly recovers, Jacksonheim is well-positioned to offer opportunities for owners and developers to invest in this new era of hospitality. “Jacksonheim Invest is a client-facing management business. In return for a percentage of a client’s earnings, we