Northern Enterprise Awards 2021

Northern Enterprise Awards 2021 | 25 Best Luxury Apartment Rental Business and Best Modern Boutique Accommodations Company 2021 can optimise a real estate unit or building for the short stay market and increase a client’s earnings from their space,” states CEO and Founder Corin Jackson. “In turn, Jacksonheim Invest was established to provide bespoke investor opportunities to buy properties optimised for short-term stays in prime locations. Our focus is securing 25%+ annual yields for our investors.” Jacksonheim Property Group aims to grow the brand and have each pillar of the business individually recognised within the industry on their own merit, while cohesively working in alignment with each other. This integration provides property investors with a complete service, creating the best experience possible for its guests. Corin explains, “With £5.5m of Aparthotel, buy to rent (B2R), and rent to rent (R2R) assets under management, the heart of our business today is a unique focus on balancing a perfect combination of outstanding service, boutique design, operational efficiency, and revenue management.” With these motivations in place, Jacksonheim can run long-term market-leading strategies for investors by designing places people are naturally drawn to. Overall, the core and morale of the company’s business ethos are established by Founder and CEO Corin Craig Jackson. The upcoming developments joining Jacksonheim’s pipeline will see the company magnify its presence in Manchester over the next couple of years. The Jacksonheim team welcomes new members on board to support this rapid expansion. Following a recent restructure, a team of 1 not so long ago has now evolved into a well-oiled and cohesive machine of 24. In 2022, the focus for Jacksonheim as part of its scaling operation will involve working alongside other property companies within different sectors, breaking the mould from its traditional portfolio of individuals. “Such businesses might broker deals between large scale investors and developers, and need a short term let management company to operate it, which is where Jacksonheim Concierge comes into play. We also have been in talks with a few London hedge-funds concerning investments made through Jacksonheim Invest, which in turn bolsters Jacksonheim Interiors,” explains Corin. A full circle of businesses that aids in perpetual success. While Corin Craig Jackson believes they are still just getting started, the company has already received special recognition. Winning Best Luxury Apartment Rental Business in addition to being ranked the Best Modern Boutique Accommodations Company 2021 is a fantastic achievement for the team and a solid foundation to grow from. Undoubtedly, the company has utilised its innate experience and expertise within the industry to tackle one of the most diverse sectors in the world by bringing luxury style and unique vision to the market. Thus, allowing Jacksonheim to build its reputation flawlessly with the expectation of increasing success. Company: The Jacksonheim Property Group Contact Name: Bernice Barlow, Head of PR Web Address: Contact Email: