Northern Enterprise Awards 2021

26 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2021 Oct21066 Best Family-Friendly Golf Course Facility - Cheshire The Northern Enterprise Awards 2021 brings together the brightest and best that the north of England has to offer, and nowhere is this clearer than at Marton Meadows Golf Course. When it comes to creating an incredible experience for the whole family, there is no place finer. We take a closer look following the team’s remarkable success in SME News’ Northern Enterprise Awards 2021. Based in the heart of the Cheshire countryside, Marton Meadows Golf Course is the ideal place to spend some much-needed leisure time with family and friends. Built on the picturesque Meadows in the village of Marton, where the famous Darton herd of pedigree Guernsey dairy cows once grazed, this 9 hole proprietary golf course prides itself on its relaxed atmosphere and family friendly ethos. With its remit: ‘Golf for All’ and a ‘Pay & Play’ policy, this hidden gem offers players of all ages & abilities the opportunity to enjoy an interesting and challenging short game in stunning, natural surroundings. Enjoying natural obstacles, including water features & coppices, and with a computerised irrigation system, a mix of natural & artificial tees and complementary facilities including a state-of-the-art Simulator Studio and ‘Trackman’ Training Bay this new and developing golf course has something for everyone and is playable all year round. The aim of MMGC has always been to make golf accessible to as many players as possible, offering the ultimate customer experience in a relaxed, friendly and supportive environment. Membership of Marton Meadows Golf Course is discretionary and highly competitive, with the team championing an approach that opens up golf to everyone. Monthly membership provides the chance to play unlimited golf, without tying players into an annual contract and with no limit on how many times this membership can be renewed throughout the season. If you pay, you can play – it’s as simple as that! Full membership extends over either six or twelve months, with unlimited Golf, Free Guest Passes & Competition Entry. This incredible deal was frozen during lockdown when no one could come to the club, and reflects the way in which the team always put the needs of the customers first. Expiry dates were rescheduled as appropriate as restrictions lifted and people were able to return to normal again. Being based outside, in the glorious Cheshire countryside, it’s little wonder that the team saw incredible demand for their services. One of the club’s major draws is their remarkable Clubhouse Team and the hospitality they offer. Always on hand to give help and advice, the MMGC team excel in extending a warm welcome to players and visitors alike. This friendly, inclusive approach is also found in the growing range of Pro Services provided by the club. Headed up by PGA Pro, Mike Green, group training sessions or one-to-one lessons for those players who want that little bit of extra support are available. Mike, who has over 15 years’ experience in coaching and comes with glowing credentials in Junior Academy development and school initiatives, uses the latest technology & innovative training methods to engage his students and is part of MMGC’s driving force to open the game up to younger generations and improve accessibility for all. Mike has not just taken a lead when it comes to the coaching of new & returning players. His eye for retail has also inspired the opening of a new Pro Shop, where top quality golfing equipment and accessories can be found. Open every day, much like the rest of the establishment, it’s little surprise that this has been not only a welcome addition but a great success. An impressive selection of ladies and gents apparel (a full range of clothes for juniors is coming soon) plus leading footwear brands and equipment means there’s everything you need to look good out on the golf course. While the main attractions of Marton Meadows Golf Course are undoubtedly its impressively maintained 9 hole course, tranquil, rural setting and first class hospitality, the team are always looking for what the latest and greatest can offer and their new, state-of-the-art Golf Simulator Studio does not disappoint. Using precision technology and stunning AV effects, and featuring over 200k courses worldwide, 360 degree high-speed cameras, optical & audio sensors capturing data at a rate of 40 frames per second, a sophisticated heat exchange & air conditioning system, sports channels, complementary gamer consoles, private facilities & disabled access and a licensed food & bar service with supervised play from dedicated simulator hosts, The Bunker Golf Simulator Studio quite simply takes a standard simulator session and turns it into a whole new virtual golfing experience! Something MMGC do very well indeed. For many years, golf has seemed to be a sport for the elite, those who can afford to get away from it all. At Marton Meadows Golf Course, this impression is turned on its head, as the team throw open its doors to all who wish to play. Their approach is crucial to the future of the game, as it ensures that young people become engaged & a wider player audience enabled. We celebrate the team’s incredible success, and the way it has been able to develop in just four short years (the last two in extremely difficult circumstances), and we look forward to seeing what they do next. Company: Marton Meadows Golf Course Name: Chad Parker – General Manager Email: