Northern Enterprise Awards 2021

Northern Enterprise Awards 2021 | 29 Best Global Gas Sensing Products Manufacturer 2021 company are focused on the matter of carbon capture, which is the ability to capture and reuse carbon dioxide that is produced during a chemical process. As this is applicable to processes as varied as fertiliser production and beer brewing, it’s little wonder that there is such a high demand for a sophisticated solution. The team are currently developing a state-of-the-art analyser specifically to aid with carbon capture and CO2 purification. The last year has also seen the team return to form as the world finds a new state of normal. Two large bids have opened the doors for new members of the team specifically to meet the demands of these projects. This growth will be seen not just in the north, but as the team opens two new offices, one in France, and the other in Canada. This will mean the team has four offices, having opened its second in California in 2002. The company’s incredible skill has led to this incredible rise in demand, and continued achievement. The success of Analox reflects their quality in every respect, and the way in which they have effortlessly adapted to the needs of their customers. This drive and ambition means that the team will be in demand not just for the last forty years, but for the next as well. We wish this northern success story every best wish as it ploughs a new path for the industry. Company: Analox Group Name: Becca Dodds Email: Web Address: