Northern Enterprise Awards 2021

30 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2021 Oct21257 Risk & Performance Management Company of the Year 2021 Recognised as the Risk and Performance Management Company of the year, Gauged Solutions is internationally known for its award-winning risk safety and performance management training and consultancy services. For over a decade, GSL have worked across five continents to provide training and consultancy services to a wide range of clients, including Fortune 500 and FTSE 50 organisations – a fantastic achievement that has had a tangible impact on many organisation’s risk landscape. Gauged Solutions was founded in 2011 with the aim to provide a quality of service that is second to none. Specialising in occupational health and safety risk and performance management, the company have since diversified their operating portfolio into other professional areas, including executive coaching and Leadership development programmes globally. Since its establishment, GSL have developed several long-term business relationships that consistently deliver maximum returns on a client’s investment. With experience that covers both private and public sectors, the company works with clients from various disciplines and are committed to providing clients with a top-tier level of service. Its award-winning services offer gauged and with purpose solutions to sectors that include aeronautical, power, oil, gas, petrochemical, hospitality and leisure, renewable energy, waste and recycling, construction and manufacturing. Overall, the business objectives for the company are delivered by a team of relevant experts in process safety engineering, legal, occupational health and safety, behavioural science, project management, quality assurance, environmental managememet, sustainability and organisational behaviour. With several areas being executed by leaders in their field, GSL are able to remain ahead of the industry. For GSL to operate a sustainable business, their core values have been implemented to remain diligent on quality of service and industry- standard practices that benefit the workplace and customers alike. These values include creating a professional and innovative approach to work, operating ethically worldwide, being responsive to a client’s needs and timeframes, and providing pragmatic solutions in such circumstances. Core values are the essence of a business; it is the foundation formed in every detail and is executed precisely from the top to all employees and associates. At GSL, the internal culture is absolutely everything to the company – it is a culture of enthusiasm and passion reflected heavily into its workforce. Managing Director Glenn Ridsdale explains, “Skills, experience and qualifications are important, but we look for people who are energetic, enthusiastic and are prepared to go the extra mile. This is important for us as we pride ourselves on the service we offer our clients.” Most successful businesses have a unique selling point; it keeps them motivated, innovated and distinguished amongst market competitors. Hence, the initial reaction of GSL services was summarised by a Fortune 500 C -Suit executive who stated, ‘the expertise, professionalism and diversity of risk and performance management services provided by Gauged Solutions are second to none.’ An acknowledgement that is considered a significant achievement for GSL. “Our organisational safety leadership training and performance coaching, coupled with an unrivalled tenacity to consistently overachieve, is what makes us unique and stand out from our competitors. Even during times of a global pandemic, where our business has not only been sustained but grown and developed exponentially into other sectors,” states Glenn. Currently, GSL’s decade long reputation has permeated the market sector, allowing the company to achieve and deliver exceptional customer service and provide substantial results that successfully aids in the building of long- lasting unforgettable impressions on its clients’ organisations. At the moment, there is a focus on diversifying methods of delivery trends in the risk and performance management training and consultancy sector. Therefore, GSL have been offering online and virtual training services internationally. Still, now due to the pandemic, this service has been heavily adapted within the UK – none more so than the Northeast of England where GSL’s location is based in the area of Teesside. “With the chancellor’s recent budget announcements earlier this year, the North and in particular Teesside has never been a better place to conduct our business from. The treasury moving to Darlington, the Carbon capture and Hydrogen projects being developed, and the Freeport at Wilton are incredibly exciting for the area that will no doubt bring huge external investment,” states Glenn. For GSL, its location in the North has brought a mountain of success due to the numerous benefits attributable to its location. Numerous advantages exist to conducting business and living in the North that range from its immersive multicultural cities, a talented, multi skilled and multi-faceted workforce, high performing Universities to recruit from and flawless countryside and beaches – the opportunities for business developments are enormous. Moreover, there is an impressive motorway infrastructure air and rail network that links the North to a Global marketplace – ensuring a