Northern Enterprise Awards 2021

Northern Enterprise Awards 2021 | 35 Best Community Housing Organisation 2021 Lastly, Bedspace understands the need to work hard to make a positive difference in the world. It is committed to always going one step further. Whether that’s providing life opportunities to its service users, or forging exceptional career paths for its people. It is incredibly proud of what it has achieved over the last 22 years, and it will continue to build on that success by championing continuous improvement. The fact that the team goes above and beyond is why landlords have trusted Bedspace for so many years, and it’s why it remains the first choice for local authorities. Indeed, Bedspace is incredibly dedicated to its work, and it made sure its service didn’t falter during what was a very challenging time with the COVID-19 pandemic. It maintained its day-to- day support of vulnerable people, continuing to provide much-needed support to service users, while taking into account the safety of its staff and each service user. Bedspace has also been facing the challenge of the disparity between increasing rent and local housing allowance and the complexity of Universal Credit. This affects most, if not all of its service users, especially those who are over 18 years old; and in order to prevent homelessness, the organisation is working at establishing The Bedspace Trust. With its third decade well under way, Bedspace continues to move with the times, regularly reviewing its practices, its staff updating their qualifications and accreditations, and recruiting more enthusiastic and dedicated staff members to help the team in their efforts. Together with the local and national organisations they work with, Bedspace is able to continue creating safe and supportive environments for people to thrive in, giving them the launchpad they need to change their lives for good. Company: Bedspace Resource Ltd Contact: Chris Wareing Website: