Northern Enterprise Awards 2021

38 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2021 Oct21141 Best Private Detective Services Provider 2021 Established in 2017, Insignis Investigations provides Private Investigation services to individuals, the public sector and private companies. Following the company’s recognition in the Northern Enterprise programme, we spoke with Operations Director Andrew Chenery to find out how Insignis has forged its incredible reputation in the sphere. Professionalism. Efficiency. Experience. The Private Detective sphere holds an almost romantic appeal. But away from the grim crime noirs, the reality of the industry is one of procedure and professionalism. Of constant training, awareness, and the utilization of valuable experience. On this, Andrew is absolutely firm, “Insignis Investigations aspires to be the best in the Private Investigation Industry by providing a Grade A, valuable service to the people and businesses around UK and Europe. We will absolutely leave no stone unturned nor questions asked in pursuit of the truth, delivering honest and rightful evidence. We always “Look Closer”. Here we see that first crucial element come to the fore: professionalism. It is absolutely fundamental to the way Insignis conducts itself. After all, its services can lead to significant results down the line – doing things “by the book” goes without question. “Insignis gathers evidence legally. We record the evidence and package it correctly in a format that can be used by the client, alongside their legal teams in a court of law, if necessary.” This effort, admittedly, is made more important by one fact that looms over the greater private investigation sphere: it is currently unregulated. Meaning, unfortunately, that potential clients can mistrust or otherwise avoid the very valuable services that Private Detective firms provide. Again, Andrew is only too aware of this, and Insignis reflects his attitude through and through. “Unfortunately, the private investigation industry is currently unregulated and although regulation has been discussed at Parliament, it is highly unlikely that any changes will come about in the short to medium term. The consequence of this indecision is that anybody can set up and claim that they are a Private Investigator with relative impunity. “We have found that the most difficult obstacle to overcome is gaining trust, whether dealing with an individual or a business, the biggest hurdle is demonstrating to a client that we are trustworthy.” Over the last four year, Insignis has really done the groundwork to repair whatever fractures there might be between it and its clients. “Insignis Investigations sets itself apart from the unscrupulous by establishing a Business Management System (BMS), the purpose of which is to ensure that the organisation satisfies its customers and supplies products/services that meet their requirements. We are now accredited to ISO9001 (Quality Management) via the British Assessment Bureau and UKAS.” Andrew continues, moving on to the other accreditations Insignis has achieved. “Our second accreditation, the BS102000 (Code of Practice for the Provision of Investigative Services) is the only standard available for the private investigation industry and again sets a reputable investigator apart from the unscrupulous. The standard sets out guidelines and specifications for investigators to demonstrate accountability - a key criteria for clients looking to select quality service provision. The accreditation was achieved via IQ Verify and UKAS. We are now fully accountable and we are audited for both accreditations each year.” It would be remiss however to gloss over the team behind Insignis when it comes to detailing the journey it has taken to securing success in the region and industry. Again expertise comes to the forefront here as well, as Andrew concludes. “Insignis Investigations promotes openness with colleagues to share information and to be better informed. This in turn allows colleagues to embrace decision making and allows them to think from a new perspective, be creative and to think outside of the box in pursuit of the truth. We will absolutely leave no stone unturned nor question asked to deliver honest, rightful and admissible evidence for our clients. Insignis Success Stories Story 1 Insignis was contacted by a Director of a company who had been having problems with one particular member of staff. This employee had been off work sick for many months and receiving sick pay whilst he was off work, but the employer was growing increasingly suspicious as rumours about the severity of the illness began to surface. The director informed us that he had received a new doctors sick note, stating that the employee “Our customers will benefit from our efficient and smart solutions, the provision of effective and innovative services, the transformation of results through unremitting projects, and the supply of compassionate, unjudgmental and expert analysis.”