Northern Enterprise Awards 2021

Northern Enterprise Awards 2021 | 39 Best Private Detective Services Provider 2021 was unfit to work as he was suffering from “Agoraphobia”. Someone with Agoraphobia may be scared of visiting a shopping centre or even leaving home amongst others, their behaviour is usually one of avoidance. We were asked to conduct a period of covert surveillance on the employee, to establish his behavioural patterns and to determine whether the new sick note had any truth in it. We conducted three full days surveillance as requested, during that time we gathered evidence of the employee actually working a second job at a local garage, and using covert cameras we conducted “Test Purchases” at the garage and spoke with the employee about prices for a repair on a car. We also followed the employee to the local high street bar on a Friday night, where he met a small group of friends. We stood next to him at the bar whilst he shouted orders across the room, all captured on camera. The evidence was damning but the director was delighted with the result. The benefit to the company goes beyond saving money on sick pay. Story 2 Insignis is often asked to carry out traces for bad debtors or other persons of interest by solicitors, however on this occasion we were contacted by a lady in Singapore who was looking to reunite her father with his long lost family who he had not heard from in over 40 years. Using a variety of databases available to us we began to link up some of the leads, we made phone calls, sent letters and sent emails to possible persons of interest, however there was a point in this trace were it was possible that we would not find the desired result. Persistence paid off over a couple of weeks of investigation and we finally managed to make contact with a somewhat surprised family. The feedback we received from our client was heart- warming, “It’s my Dad’s 76th birthday today and although I did have to break the sad news of his brother and sister passing, I have not seen him happier than receiving all of the news, well wishes and pictures of his nieces and nephews. My mum and brother are also over the moon. Thank you for making this happen - you have done something really wonderful for our family”. Company: Company: Insignis Investigations Name: Andrew Chenery Email: Website: Address: 91 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 4HT Telephone: 0800 009 6423