Northern Enterprise Awards 2021

40 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2021 Oct21256 Best Global Safari Destination Specialists 2021 A company offering bespoke and tailor-made tours, safaris, and excursions, Malala-Tau Tours Holdings is a globe trotting business allowing clients to immerse themselves in adventure outside of what’s included in tourist guides. Essentially, it has worked hard to gather a team around itself that put client safety and happiness at the forefront of their priority list, working hard to cater to the needs of its visitors and to offer exemplary travel experiences like no other. Malala-Tau Tours Holdings is a tour and safari group specialising in worldwide destinations that give customers an experience of professional staff and customised service. Fundamentally, throughout the trip – from the very first phone call all the way to getting off the plane at the end of the adventure – its hardworking and diligent team will listen attentively to a customer’s needs in order to ensure the utmost comfort and safety. This is pivotal to its ‘customisable’ ethos that it has worked so hard to implement, striving to make every trip memorable and successful with its South African travel wholesale, catering primarily to leisure travellers based in South Africa and liaising with offices in Johannesburg. All in all, this BEE company has become a darling of its industry since its founding. Having found its beginnings in 2003, it quickly gained notoriety for the detailed and dedicated nature of its trips, becoming a NAFCOC member in 2004, as well as a member of the South African Leisure and Tourism Association, granting it the accreditation it needed to continue growing. Critically, these memberships ensure that a client can check the oversight with which this tour company operates before even picking up the phone, allowing Malala-Tau Tours Holdings to put its best foot forward to show its clients why they should put their holiday in its capable hands. Malala-Tau Tours Holdings has also been a pivotal voice in the education of visitors about South Africa’s stunning wildlife and distinctive ecosystems. From local to international guests, it can give movie makers, journalists, and representatives from foreign governments a boots-on-the-ground experience of these facets of South Africa, allowing them to cultivate a connection with it up close and personal, and leave with a deep respect for its intricacies. After all, the landscape and animal denizens of South Africa certainly speak for themselves in this manner, with even the shortest tour giving an insight into the biodiversity and natural structure of the area. Plying its years of experience to provide the finest, most sought-after destinations, it has since expanded to offer a far wider range of tours and travel experiences alongside its South African trips, such as Continental Africa, the Indian Ocean Islands, Europe, the UK, the Far East, and even America. Moreover, as a constant linking each of these tours of varying destinations, Malala-Tau Tours Holdings operates with empathy and understanding at every turn, ensuring it makes use of local knowledge when travelling with its tour groups, allowing visitors to take the paths less trod and see sights not included on the tourism guides. Overall, customers are assured at every turn that they will benefit from unrivalled deals and the finest quality, with Malala-Tau Tours Holdings adding value to any trip with its well- thought-out and expert tour itineraries. These, importantly, can also be tailored to fit a client’s needs and desires; this allows appealing bonus benefits which range from price guarantees to convenience enhancing travel packs and a vast array of ‘tour top-up’ options unique to every destination that will allow a guest even more of an in-depth insight into the region they are visiting. All of this feeds into its vision of being the most dominant and efficient provider of such tour services in the world. Additionally, it hopes that by leading by example in its field, it can stand out with its tailor-made tour experiences and bespoke attitude, all made possible by a dedicated team who will always go above and beyond to ensure customers satisfaction and safety, making themselves reliable and economical. By saving a customer money with the well-priced voyages and time by allowing them to construct their own perfect tour, leaving out bits they are perhaps not as interested in and dialling into what they are truly excited about, it makes itself a friend to its clients, resulting in lifelong loyal customers. Indeed, many of its customers come back to experience its tours and safaris again and again, and are thrilled to find it continually improving. After all, Malala-Tau Tours Holdings doesn’t believe in allowing oneself to stagnate, especially in such a diverse and dynamic sector where market shifts and travel logistics are changing on a daily basis in response to the wider global context. This makes Malala-Tau Tours Holdings more committed than ever to constant growth and development as a company and as a tour group, with staff happily collecting feedback and reviews from clients in order to focus on bolstering what they loved; and tweaking what may have needed improvement. This circles back to its core theme of innovation. In each of its tour services and safari packages, it seeks to create something truly unique that will take an innovative approach to planning and strategy. Its efforts in making this an intrinsic part of its business have resulted in a reputation for extraordinary planning acumen, allowing Malala-Tau Tours