Northern Enterprise Awards 2021

49 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2021 Following an appearance on Channel 4’s ‘Four in a Bed’ that resulted in a resounding victory, The Farrier’s heartfelt and genuine desire to ensure customer satisfaction and to enrich the local community was truly front and centre. Working on the principles of honesty, hard work and enthusiasm, all executed in an unassuming manner, the business is a perfect embodiment of the culture of North Yorkshire. With a wonderfully consistent flow of trade due to a growing reputation, Danielle Bushby was keen to tell us about the diligence and assiduous service of staff, and the contribution that she hopes The Farrier has made to the local community in recent years. ‘Relax, Refresh and Reside’ Danielle’s words to describe the luxurious experience at The Farrier cannot be more accurate. However, this opinion does not come solely from Danielle. With 5 stars on Trip Advisor and 4.8/5 on Google after a result of thousands of reviews, the luxurious yet friendly experience leaves nothing to be desired, providing a tailored experience for each guest. In addition to this, the establishment of the business is a testament to what it provides for the local community. In 2016, the local pub, The Blacksmiths Arms, had to cease operations, and therefore, the opportunity for the village to socialize and create memories was lost and permission to turn the site into houses was granted. Danielle, including other founders of The Farrier, decided that it was really important that the village had a heart and despite this never being part of a master plan, they felt that someone had to save the facility- and, after an extensive 3 year renovation period, the business opened its doors to the public in December 2018. Since then, the business has begun to build a name for itself and has been lucky enough to receive several awards but more importantly is becoming an integral part of village life. Also due to the number of visitors to the area, who then travel home to their respective locations and tell others about their visit, hosting guests from all around the UK and beyond is a regular occurrence! Through the following years of growth, the business operated using the value of offering first class service, in an unpretentious way. As Danielle told us “From the very beginning, our only aim was to create a nice place, where Best British Restaurant - North Yorkshire people would feel welcome, comfortable and happy. We also wanted to offer good food, served by attentive, but not overbearing, staff. It was as simple as that.” Through the COVID-19 pandemic it was apparent that the hospitality and catering industries took a big hit. Without any customers or income, Danielle spoke of the struggle of keeping mentally strong, and the business relevant in peoples minds and ready for an eventual return. “During this time we tried to be thankful for each day and the fact that we were able to continue, without any income. We were thankful for our health, and, generally speaking, for anything and everything that we could when we knew that so many people were ill and that businesses were falling by the wayside.” This resilience to defeat is exactly what defines The Farrier, alongside a dedication to innovation during this difficult time. Taking a huge leap of faith showcasing commitment towards future growth and improvement, the business decided to add another room to the 4 they already had, as well as offering this as a dog-friendly room, compatible with the friendly nature of the business (separate dining areas and accommodation is available for those who aren’t dog lovers) and once again, this shows that the experience is completely tailored to each customer’s different wants and needs, showing the true heart that lies behind the business. To conclude, the association between The Farrier and outstanding quality is in no doubt. Staff are hired with a vision that they would give loyalty, honesty, kindness and possess a willingness to go above and beyond for guests whenever possible. Profit is of course important, but has never been the primary focus of the business. From the initial thought that the building must be saved, the founding focus being to give the village of Cayton a facility for the benefit of locals and visitors to the area alike. The Farrier believes that the hospitality of an era long since gone combined with the unashamed luxury, modern conveniences and high end comforts required by todays guests bring together a new standard of boutique experience to North Yorkshire. Company: The Farrier Address: 89 Main Street, Cayton, Scarborough, YO11 3RP Phone number: 01723 861432 Website: Oct21071