Northern Enterprise Awards 2021

51 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2021 Iris BHC Ltd manufactures electrical control panels for a range of different sectors. Through its design and build process, high-quality customized control panels complete with personalized labelling are produced. Iris BHC Ltd has an experienced in-house design team working closely with clients from the start of each project, ensuring that the produced control panels satisfy your specific requirements. As a result, the company can create simple control panels and more advanced ones, offering complete flexibility to meet clients’ needs, whether a basic two-button control panel or one with dozens of different features. Customers choose Iris for control panel engineering, design, and manufacture. Director, Dane Walker, states, “We have everything that we need in-house to create customized control panels that are tailored to the needs of our clients, incorporating all of the features and functions desired for any purpose or environment.” Based in Darwen in the Northwest of England, Iris works with clients from initial design to the final testing their control panel, with an attention to detail that sets the company apart from its competitors. “Having personalized labelling, tailor- made enclosures and other similar adaptations will ensure that the control panels that we produce are uniquely designed for our clients. Additionally, a dedicated team will include their Key Account Manager for consistent communication and full accountability,” states Dane. Iris has extensive knowledge of control panel design. In addition, its manufacturing process is second to none, allowing the company to approach each new task with confidence and exceed our clients’ expectations. Control panel design is a two-way process. Iris encourages its clients to be involved in their decisions, whilst its professional designers and manufacturers provide in-depth knowledge based on more than 40 years of experience. “We pride ourselves in our ability to listen to our clients’ Best Bespoke Control Panel Design & Production Company - North West needs and create something that exceeds their expectations without straying from the initial ask.; the control panels that we make are tailored to our clients’ exact specifications,” states Dane. Control panels are valuable tools in the fight against high energy consumption levels – mainly when up to 80% of the total energy used by a building is used by air conditioning and heating systems. “The control panels that we design and manufacture give the power back to our clients, enabling them to make small changes that will translate to significant savings for their pocket and the environment,” Dane explains. Even minor adaptations can make an enormous difference if customers look to save energy and reduce the amount spent. For example, using a control panel to adjust the temperature by a couple of degrees or making sure that each day ends with equipment being powered off and not just left to run can benefit an establishment immensely over time. Overall, the manufacturing team at Iris benefits from more than 40 years of experience. “We know control panels inside out, so we can design and produce working solutions for setups of all shapes and sizes,” states Dane. Moreover, clients benefit from the expertise provided and the company’s unique customizations and its software. “We use in-house professional design software to plan, create, and modify to the highest possible standard, with no short-cuts. Additionally, our in-house design team works closely with our clients from the very start of each project, ensuring that the produced control panels satisfy your specific requirements,” states Dane. Its impeccable reputation is due to its high- quality, ever thriving internal culture and impressive craftsmanship and morale. Iris is at the top of the industry and will only be climbing higher in the future. Company Name: IRIS BHC LTD Contact Name: DANE WALKER Web Address: Oct21252