Northern Enterprise Awards 2021

52 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2021 undertook extra driving in order to source suitable products. Managing the large amount of work, its ability to work as a team was of paramount importance. As the team is used to working in harmony, it was able to successfully navigate their way through these issues and provide a quality service to the customer. Currently consisting of four plumbers, two plumbing apprentices, a plasterer, and a plastering apprentice, Bon Plumbing Services hope to expand its tight-knit team further. By the end of 2021, Bon Plumbing Services will have added an experienced electrician to its team, and it hopes to then gain an electrician apprentice. Within the next year, it will be looking to appoint a director for gas and heating, which will advance that sector of the business. In the long term, its goal is to create a holding group that will act as a facilitator for smaller businesses to flourish while having the security of a large company to support them. Continuing its work within the community, it wants to employ more apprentices and increase its work with local colleges. Bon Plumbing Services serve as ambassadors for its industry, making it the ideal candidate for ‘Trade Provider of the Year 2021 – North West.’ Its willingness to be active within the community and drive to please the customer separates it from the crowd. Through its work, it has consistently proven itself, even when facing challenges. As a result, it has built its way up to be at the forefront of the trade industry. Contact: Benedict Faherty Company: Bon Plumbing Services Web Address: Created as a response to the lack of opportunity for young people, Bon Plumbing Services has rapidly grown into a multifaceted company. Winner of ‘Trade Provider of the Year 2021 – North West’, it provides a variety of services, such as plastering and plumbing. Going forward, Bon Pluming Services hope to expand further and continue giving young people a chance to join the trades industry. Born from a lack of opportunity and dissatisfaction with the state of the trade industry, Bon Plumbing Services comes from humble beginnings. Starting its journey as a sole trader, Bon Plumbing Services’ only ambition was to deliver a high-quality, value for money service. The company bloomed, leading to meetings with successful trade professionals and suppliers. However, alongside it, the workload rapidly increased. The decision was made to grow independently and move all operations to in-house, making it easier to manage the busy schedule and growing projects. As the company expanded, Bon Plumbing Services’ aims developed alongside. It began to work with young people via apprenticeships, keen to help them into the trade industry. Working with young people is a key theme within the company, as it hopes to provide a nurturing environment for young people to develop their own skills. It currently employs three apprentices who are absorbing the company’s core values and gaining valuable experience. Active within local groups, it has run multiple community projects, including its Christmas Hamper drive. Friends, family, and customers are encouraged to donate £20.00, which goes towards creating luxury food hampers for vulnerable members of the community. By giving back to its community, Bon Plumbing Services accomplishes its goal of raising the bar for people within the industry. The projects it runs actively inspire a sense of kindness and generosity and help to improve its local area. Aware of its responsibility to provide a quality service, the company is made up of multi-skilled, talented tradesmen, who have a great amount of experience under their belt. Thanks to the diversity of the team, it can undertake complex installs and home improvement projects and, ultimately, make a client’s vision a reality. It uses Trade Provider of the Year 2021 - North West local suppliers and work together as a dynamic team. Taking pride in the work that it does, it seeks to turn one-time customers into customers for life. Bon Plumbing Services hope to instil the desire to build relationships with its clients through their apprentices, understanding the importance of loyalty to the client. Its success, however, hasn’t come without challenges. Post-lockdown, Bon Plumbing Services has seen a rising demand for their labour. However, alongside increasing product shortages and supply chain issues, this has caused an excess of extra work. It has also been greatly impacted by the spread of COVID-19, with numerous staff members having to take time off to isolate. Finding that the quality of multiple products had declined, Bon Plumbing Services Oct21258