Northern Enterprise Awards 2021

62 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2021 are still productive, and prefers to manage with mutual respect and less hierarchy. With all this in mind, it’s no surprise that BeUniqueness was recently rewarded with the prestigious accolade of Best UX Design Agency 2021 in the North West of England. For the future, “We will strive to keep working on bringing more success to our clients,” Mohamed enthuses. “Maximising their profits, enhancing their UX, hunting for talent and skills regardless of where employees are based, developing our services and overall creating more systems and programmes for different niches.” Contact: Mohamed Elhawary Company: BeUniqueness Web Address: Innovative digital marketing and corporate branding company BeUniqueness specialises in helping micro, small and medium sized e-commerce and coaching businesses to get ahead and stay ahead. We speak to Founder and Director, Mohamed Elhawary (AKA Mo), about the firm and what sets it aside from others. BeUniqueness is a multi-award- winning digital marketing agency based in Manchester. The firm offers a wide range of digital marketing services, as well as ‘Done For You Systems’ with a goal of always meeting clients’ objectives, exceeding their expectations, providing an unforgettable UX and more importantly, guaranteeing results. “Our core value is well explained in our brand name: BeUniqueness,” states Founder and company owner, Mohamed Elhawary. “We offer everything uniquely as well as ensuring we focus on promoting our clients’ businesses by showing how unique they are to their clients, so their clients can see them as the main and only solution to their problems.” As Mo is equipped with a strong foundation of aptitude, attitude, and awareness in the sector, he decided to build his own digital marketing and branding enterprise to revolutionise the digital marketing industry. He has a background in marketing, branding, sales and market research projects for Global firms such as ZARA, Walls- Cornetto, Lego, and many other multinational firms. Every digital marketing firm likes to tell you that it offers something different, but since its very inception Mohamed and his team at BeUniqueness have been helping entrepreneurs to build, manage, and advertise their brands. Whether it’s e-commerce, marketing agencies who are struggling to scale their agencies, lead generation- based businesses, or otherwise, their work spans across many different niches across the globe. “Our USP’s are plentiful,” Mohamed elaborates. “For example, we aim to be a one-stop shop for solutions. We offer money back guarantees and cashback on clients’ management fees, and we also grant our clients access to auto- tech dashboard which allows them to gauge the success of their marketing campaigns through providing them with live information and real time reports, such as website visits and sales made etc. Best UX Agency 2021 – North West “We can provide A La carte services (such as PPC, social media ads and email marketing), plus we have our Complete Done for You (DFY) programmes specially designed for marketing agencies, Investors who are looking for passive Income opportunities and Entrepreneurs who are interested in starting up their first e-commerce business,” Mohamed tells us. To date, Mohamed and the team at BeUniqueness have helped more than 1,500 different brands grow their businesses through paid and organic media, generating a total of £28 million in sales, and have managed more than £5 million in ad spend across 20+ countries including the US, CA, UK, NZ, AU, EU & MENA regions. Whilst the team are highly skilled at their roles, it is more than just qualifications that Mohamed looks for when recruiting new staff members. It is important for a potential candidate to be the right fit in order to gel and work well with the existing employees. To this end, Mohamed looks for diversity with a growth mindset, and people who are agile and fun. He allows his staff to work from wherever location they wish, so long as they Nov21044